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5/23/2006 c7 shadowz
hey, dont be too down. your story is pretty good. hope dont decide to drop it...

1/15/2006 c4 humangus
i love it! poor tony! i can't wait to see where it'll go next.

1/15/2006 c1 humangus
hey i like ur story so far. aiko is quite a rebel. :) update soon!

1/15/2006 c4 Me
I like it...I can't think of anything to critique yet...

Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading!
4/17/2005 c1 3WhiteDarkness666
i need to know what happens next! this is an awesome story!
3/22/2005 c1 JohnnyGodfather
This story is beautiful; it truly is. I love the great, sexy, romantic vibe it has to it. To me, that sexiness is what makes romance stories good or bad, and what makes yours a good one. Keep writing, you truly are a master at your craft.

P.S. R&R Mr. Jones. Peace!
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