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3/21/2010 c2 3runswithvamp
wat is wrong with u? u havent updated this story since 2005! thats insane! UPDATE!
8/19/2009 c2 1CinderellaWithCombatBoots
Aw. You feel so sorry for Madrah. I don't think you're continuing this story looking at the last update date but even though you aren't, it was a great beginning to the story. It was solid and what I read of it, it sounded like a great story :] Still crossing my fingers that you'll continue as I'm positive that your writing will have improved in the last four years as all writers does. Good luck on anything you are writing :]
11/24/2005 c2 32eldrin
Gah. Why have I not read this sooner? It is brilliant and lovely. Madrah is incredibly interesting.
11/14/2005 c2 Cherise
Aw! Innans are so cruel! They made them like that, made them breed to look that way, and now all they do is bannish them and make them feel lower than low.
4/18/2005 c2 M L
I really like Madrah and Katarou together. I don't know now that Zabar's hanging around, but .. argh.
4/12/2005 c2 7PirateGrrl
Aww! Why didn't Zabar say anything earlier? Katarou is mean, but I can understand why he's so apprehensive. Poor Madrah.. all he wants is someone to love :(
4/12/2005 c2 6Wolfwitch
It was nice to have an insight on the Vazelki movement, although I would have preffered to have a bit more Katarou/Madrah musings at the end.
4/12/2005 c2 25Esquirella
A sad chapter for Madrah. If only he'd seen Zabar's love. Will Katarou ever care about him at all?
4/12/2005 c2 4Draia-Rodahi
aw! I need more fluff!
4/11/2005 c2 ash211
Thank you so much! I am very glad this story hasn't been given up on. I am in love with all of your others completely and I look forward to what ever comes with this one :)
4/11/2005 c2 redredredred
yeah! another chapter! can't wait for the next. This my fav story of yours, with brett & damon in close second.
4/5/2005 c1 6Wolfwitch
This is really sweet. Sad, but sweet. I feel so bad for poor Madrah. I know I should feel bad for Katorou too, but somehow he still seems like a bit of an ass to me.
3/29/2005 c1 1The Inkslinger
I'm so happy to see this story again! I really enjoyed it.. and I still remember, after spotting it on the 'Just In' catagory, then reading it, I wanted to smack myself when I finally looked at the Author name and discovered who had written it. Heh. Silly me, I should have known..

It reminded me of Avanthi (ack, my memory is so shot.. did I spell that right?) in it's originality and style, and I think that's why I loved it so much. In fact I even went hunting for stories that were similar in nature afterwards (I wanted more, you see..) but I couldn't find anything! And I don't just mean on Fp.. I mean I searched all the original fiction sites I could get my hands on.. so I do hope you'll update it. Of course no pressure to do so, I'll be patient, I promise.

Oh my, more senseless blathering.. but I'll be back! *glomp*

3/24/2005 c1 M L
Sad. That wing powder thing is just cruel.
3/23/2005 c1 4Draia-Rodahi
Different and intriguing is how I would classify this story :) Please write more
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