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10/15/2005 c1 38Perfect Bliss
Okay I need to seriously read this! thing is I haven't been around here lately and I couldn't find you,. but well definitely I'm reading this as soon as the bitch call school give me a rest- lol. :D well I was wondering something; Are you and Ashley posting again Okay this is War On Crack? PLEASE DO IT! PLEASE! It is my favorite fic of all time! Really- if you don't post it I killed myself of boringness lol. NO but please seriously upload it please- if not, could you e-mail it to me? please.

Well take care- :D
4/18/2005 c3 15Sad Songs Remind Me
hahahahahahhahahaha. It just hit me. It's De's fault that you made me write the scene from Stan's POV last night.(. It's always a challenge to write Stan.)

Yeah, so this chapter, I read it AGES ago (Like a week) and I don't remember a damn thing that happened. So bare with me, as I refresh my memory.

I think my most favorite favorite part of this story is that I actually know what's going. I know how it started, how it's going to end, but the middle ground is hazy. And I absolutely love the way you write Remy. And now that I think about it, Remy is a semi-reflection of you. You can be brutally honest (and it's always very entertaining when you are.) and you don't really enjoy people (who does?) and you're a whore (iknowyou'likethatthemost.) and you're smart and you're ALWAYS confusing me (though that doesn't take much, but eh whatever) and yeah, you're too cool for yourself. hahahahaha. I swear I was totally going somewhere with that, before I completely lost my train of thought.

hahahahaha. The only thing I remember about this chapter is when you were showing me the last scene, I was making that scared/shocked face on AIM. hahaha and I was waiting for you to get pissed and yell at me. (Yeah, the question is, why do I bother reviewing when my reviews have no point? haha)

I'm gonna be serious. I swear. I still love the Montauk scene. And I love it even more after the whole Remy/Jesse revelation in the Lex scene last night. EEK.

And I love that Remy can't make out with Makon (HAHAHAHA that sounds so weird if you say it outloud) because shelovesjesselikewhoa. She'll never admit. And he'd never admit that he loves her either (they'resofuckedupandfun.) but we know it's true.

Okay, I shall end this review. Because I'm a loser. And I don't know what else to say.

I'll officially end with this: WRITE MORE OF THIS SOON.
4/16/2005 c3 Lily Pierce
I still love seeing things from Remy's perspective, simply because Remy has a great perspective on things. (It'd be interesting if Ashley wrote a story like this with Stan's scenes. I doubt she will, but it'd still be interesting.)

I was just looking over the other reviews and realized everybody was looking at Remy and Jesse as being crazy about each other and truly in love or whatever, and I don't know if I do. I'd like it if they were, but you and Ashley write things differently than people like me, so... I don't know. I have no idea what I'm rambling about. (I never do when it comes to these stories.) I do like them together, though, especially the way you and Ashley write them.

Update this (and WOC) soon!
4/13/2005 c3 burkle
Yeah, I know I should be doing my problem set now, but this is so much more important. I mean, who cares if I am in danger of having to retake the damn class, right? haha

I love Remy and Jesse. They're adorable. Even if they won't admit that they're totally crazy about each other. The part about college is just so, so very true. You just left out the part about how bad it gets after you realize that, that when you realize it just gets worse and worse in this never ending cycle. Though since Remy is ahead of the curve on that, she won't have to worry about that.

PS - should I be worried that I pretty feel or have felt exactly the same way as Remy (re. college, love, alcohol (especially chugging), etc.)? haha
4/13/2005 c3 6TechEmpath1
I love Remy's point of view! Great new chapter, wonderful job.

Can't wait for more.
4/8/2005 c2 Lily Pierce
I finally got around to reading it, I know. *sighs* *kicks self* I'm glad I did it before you updated it, anyway. Not doing that makes me feel bad (as in the case of the last WOC chapter.)

Lola's parenting moment astonished me. It'll be interesting to see if Remy does go back to the piano lessons.

So, yeah, that's all I can really think of to say. I'm sorry, and I'll try to do better next time. Update soon!
4/5/2005 c1 3Mass Descent
so basically, i'm kicking myself for not reading your stuff earlier. you know the whole "i'll get around to it.." yeah that's bullshit. i'm just so damn lazy that i don't actually do anything unless it's shoved infront of my face repeatedly. right...okay, anyways- more so the story. well, like i said- KICKING MYSELF REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE! god. i am in awe of remy (and you) because 1) remy...sigh. the fact that she has enough balls to do that (the whole walk up to random hot guy and...) I can't even do that to boys i like and i know! i mean seriously. (yes...this is going to be my life story...) 2) just the way you describe her, argh. i love her. i want to embody Remy. really. (okay minus the sex but you know...) 3) you are f-ing brilliant. absolutely, 100 percent, f-ing brilliant. the chapter is so humerous and just how everything fits together...asjkldjaskldasd. really- that is all i can say.

okay so now, i should read the other chapter/ other story ...but i have a test to study for- so in the mean time, you are brilliant. (if you'll notice...all my reviews sound a like)
4/1/2005 c2 8Hotkitty
lol, wow. i luv this. its just so gud. wow. update soon. i have no idea what else to say apart from remy is such a whore and we still ove her. wow, ive never read a character i luv for actually being a whore. Its cool to read it all from her perspective.
3/31/2005 c2 15Sad Songs Remind Me
Wow. Have I ever told you that I hate people? A Lot. Maybe we're just bitter bitches, (fuck yes, how cool are we?) but I think we see life how it is and everyone else on this godforsaken site only bothers to look straight ahead with blinders on, and the cliched state of mind slowly brainwashing them. It really discourages me to see amazing stories like this get shit reviews, and cliched pieces of crap get a gazillion reviews. On this site, sex doesn't sell, crappy fucking writing does. And it's not really fair when you think about it. I sometimes wonder how a publishing company, or an older group of people would react to Eleven Eleven and this and WOC (I'm coming to the conclusion that I really hate FSM. I knew this day would come.) and I can't help but think that these stories are something that could be huge if they were revised and rewritten (and ultimately completely changed) and exposed to a different age level. But maybe, I just have big dreams. And maybe I'm just pissed about something else (that's sort of related, but whatever) and it's bleeding into my rant about the element of people on this site. I just think that, it sucks that we sit and put so much of our lives into these stories, and no one seems to understand it. I don't know. It's kind of useless to complain, because we can't change fictionpress, it's way too far gone for that, but sometimes it's just easier to vent to someone you know will understand where you're coming from.

And now, I will actually start the review. This is amazing. Remy is so..gritty (I LOVE that word.) and real. She knows what she wants. And she'll get it at all costs. But that's old news, and whatnot.

With Brady gone at college- in fucking Texas, of all states(That reminds me of Ann and the elf/garden gnome and our love, Chauntelle. hahaha) I love Helene. Talk about an awesome character. She has no shame, at all. She'll say what she means, and she won't hold back. I think that again sticks with the thing we were talking about before. People that have similar likes and personalities stick together.

I don't know if I ever told you this, but I love how much Remy curses. All of our characters have pretty dirty mouths and I love it. I love cursing. Even if people act stupid and call it immature. Sometimes you just have to say a bad word to get your point across.

'She swore her best friend was the only person in the world (excluding Andrew, who didn’t count, since he wasn’t in her world anymore) that could actually make Remy feel guilt.' That's so fucking true. I think we've shown that multiple ways. This story is no exception. I think a best friend really influences you, no matter what the background, situation, story, whatever. Because a best friend is sometimes closer than family. You know what we've never really had before? Best friends within a family. That could be interesting. Maybe.

'They were getting laid. What did anything else matter?' I was thinking about double standards when I was rereading this before. And I love reviewers reactions to Remy. They see her at face value and automatically she's a whore. It's bullshit, because Jesse is just as much of a whore as she is, and no one calls him on it. Another reason, I hate people. (I really am a bitter bitch. Oh well.)

'She was so fucked.' I love that her and Jesse were both repeating that phrase over and over and over again in the beginning of their realtionship. They fell for each other SO quick. Unbelievably quick. It took them like 30 seconds. That's true love right there. ILOVETHEM.

I love that Remy and Jesse crack jokes around each other. It's adorable.

I love the way that we overuse parantheses in our writing. (I picked that up from you..haha). It makes it more sarcastic and fun.

Lola is amazing. I love love love love love her.

And I love this story. And you. And I think this is the longest review I've ever left. YAY!
3/30/2005 c2 6TechEmpath1
Wow... So it gets deeper. Her mom sounds... well I'll be nice and let you fill in the word ;). Great job. Can't wait for more!
3/28/2005 c1 TechEmpath1
Intersting so far! Its great to get some different perspective from Remy.

Can't wait formore!
3/25/2005 c1 6Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez
awesome...great start actually
3/23/2005 c1 15Sad Songs Remind Me
DAMMIT! I typed in the wrong password (twice) again. How fucking slow am I? (And please don't answer that, I can't take criticism..heheh) So, this is absolutely LOVELY. Remy is my idol. I think I'm going to add her to my heros section on myspace because she really is my hero. The fact that she had enough confidence to just walk up to a (hot) guy in a bar just makes cooler than words can describe. I love how Remy describes love. How it wasn't this big huge thing (hehehehe. What the fuck is up with me and the 'hehehes'. Ew.) and that when she didn't expect it or didn't try to hard that it just kind of happened. And I love the gifts (curses) she was born with. Such an awesome (cynical) way to look at it. (But I think I already told you that, because I read that already, right? God, I don't even remember anymore. Scratch that-Yeah, I definitely read that part before.) I particularly loved this part: "Not because she was probably going to end up having sex with a guy she barely knew after downing a jack and diet coke. But because she was nearly chasing him. Lola didn’t believe in the chase." Lola is also my idol. She's the most fucked up, but awesome person ever. (But I think I've said that before, too. Wow, I repeat myself way too much. It's a sickness.) (Side note: YOU USED THE WORD TOKE! YAYAYAYAYA!) "Jesse kissed better than he sang. Or played guitar. She was grateful for that fact." HAHAHAHAHA. That's too funny. Oh this is so fucking awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. And you should definitely write more of it, like, right this second. (This review was slightly coherent. How fabulous.)
3/23/2005 c1 Lily Pierce
It's really interesting seeing the different scenes in WOC from the point of view of more than one character, like all the ones that Jesse and John do. This time it's even better, because it's from Remy's perspective. And Remy's perspective is a fun place to be in. *laughs* I hope you'll add more soon!
3/23/2005 c1 burkle
Yeah!I love Remy!I love this new story!I love you for writing it. Lol.

"Sex was better than thinking anyway.""Chugging was so underrated."

I am so stealing those two quotes as my new philosophy for life. HAHA.

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