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11/11/2008 c1 16dreamer999
How romantic but a bit cheesy don't you think?

I guess it's not that cheesy then...thinking about some movies hehehe...

so yeah, well. The best thing about this fic is the description and the beginning. What a great way to narrate, althought it's first person it focuses so much on the other person and how it's described. That is VERY nice.

As for the ending, it's quite confusing so I had to re-read it for a few times and I still haven't got it and whenever I don't understand, I usually get frustraded at that but it's just me so I suggest you use an author's note just in case people like me don't get it.

And you should have made it longer, oh how I wanted some more of that description!

You did a great job.
11/11/2008 c1 raineyday
Wow. This is incredibly well-written. Your language in this piece is great; it's beautiful but simple and realistic enough that I can believe that someone like narrator would be capable of saying it. Very well done. Also, the ending! Gah, the ending! Gorgeous stuff there. It really delivers a punch to the reader, and it's a just a great way of pulling it all together. And so sad. But so good. :P

Anyway, this is fabulous, and I'm really interested in reading more of your writing. ^_^
3/31/2005 c1 4Kettle Works
Bonjour again.As you should know by now I have just read another of your great written works of art and now again insisted on writing a reflection of how much I love your words.Again I smiled, cried - brought my own knife up just to release the feel of angry throbbing in my viens. Again I loved your art of words and again I ache for more.Still - I cannot find anything to describe just how much I love this story, and still I have nothing to compare with it.Prehaps someday you will teach me to write a little like anything like yourself and then I will smile again - till then - who knows?Prehaps I shall write myself.
3/24/2005 c1 5Gloom
Oh my God! This is soo good O_O; I almost started crying near the end.

You are one talented writer, holy hell! I absolutely love your work.

I feel that you could have been more imagistic instead of merely telling about that night witht the gang members. There were a few 'tense' phrases that didn't make sense, like:'nor did they cared about what I were doing here'. 'Cared' should be 'care', but it didn't distract me too much ^_^;

This was so well done ;_; Fabulous.


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