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11/5/2013 c9 twibbit
:") kinda too similar with your other story with basically the same plot structure but oh well
8/4/2007 c8 EJ.Wells
i really like your story! keep updating! it sounds good!
8/4/2007 c7 EJ.Wells
things should be getting interesting for these two!
8/4/2007 c6 EJ.Wells
lol looks like andrew decided to be the hero!
8/4/2007 c5 EJ.Wells
oh! some chemistry going on in this chapter!
8/4/2007 c4 EJ.Wells
Gina better be a smart girl...
8/4/2007 c3 EJ.Wells
oh things are starting to get interesting!
8/4/2007 c2 EJ.Wells
nice chapter!
8/4/2007 c1 EJ.Wells
m... this andrew character seems cold and treats women as if they were disposible... this should be interesting!
8/1/2007 c8 lilacks7purples
update soon!
7/30/2007 c8 coralize
lol can't wait to find out what happens next between them.
7/24/2007 c8 I.L.P.C
well... looks like gina and andrew's relationship is going somewhere. that conversation was pretty interesting and makes me think about what's going to happen next.
7/24/2007 c5 I.L.P.C
steamy chapter!
7/24/2007 c3 I.L.P.C
a familiar scenario from your previous story, a pirate's rose! history repeating itself, perhaps? hahahaha
7/24/2007 c2 I.L.P.C
looks like andrew is a playboy... m...
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