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for Something in the Water

7/5/2007 c14 2Nenphis
that's it, I can't read no more, please forgive me but I'm gonna save some for tomorrow. but I have to say, I loved it, amazing job, I admire your patience and skills :)
7/5/2007 c7 Nenphis
Boy do I have a lot to read:)...well I enjoyed it so far, good job. I'm going to take a break now and resume reading after, but not so sure if I'll be able to finish it all in one night (it's 1am!) :)
8/12/2005 c15 2eve-maiden
hey great story so far, but i noticed you dont describe the places and ppl around you in the scenes you know what i mean? like facial expressions and clothing and color and looks and all that stuff. you do somtimes and thats great but maybe just a bit more would help. :) anyways i'm lovin the story so far, but whats up with ru? he's hardley ever in the story and raine and matt havent been in the story much either latley. lol. anyways gotta jet please update soon! Later days!

Eve Maiden
8/9/2005 c15 Cherise
I've gotta say, this is one of your best chapters! Good Job, babe.
8/6/2005 c1 1Ayoko Itakari
I love this first chapter. Perhaps it's because this character is someone I could relate to and who everyone else can probably connect with also. Well, I'm off to continue reading.

8/5/2005 c15 3miss-blackhair
finally.. you've updated.. =) its a fabulous chapp..
8/5/2005 c15 4TaurusGirl7
update soon!
7/31/2005 c14 16sam the bear
Good chapter, but whats happening with John?
7/13/2005 c14 4TaurusGirl7
aw.. so sad! update soon!
7/13/2005 c14 1FamousOneLiners
poor Arina :(
7/13/2005 c1 charlotte
If I were you, I'd correct the spelling mistake (somEthing) in the title. You're bound to get more readers that way.
7/13/2005 c14 2Mei1105
Great chapter. This story is great. Please update soon!
7/13/2005 c1 3miss-blackhair
its okayy.. =) update!
6/25/2005 c13 1FamousOneLiners
6/24/2005 c13 4TaurusGirl7
aww i love this story! i didnt like th parts with caleb, but i guess that cant be helped... update soon!
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