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for I Like You and I'll Always Be Waiting

11/13/2005 c1 7Sierra Valentine
T_T I love you sad stories!
6/3/2005 c1 7Dolenrothiel
Thats so sad! But so cute!
4/10/2005 c1 24alivewithlove13
this is good :) just like all of your stuff. i like it. it's kind of sad. i know how that feels. good job :) it's awesome.
4/5/2005 c1 Cearius Lans
Nice (You're right...not as good as "e"), seems kinda short, not so much feeling, as if you havent covered all you wanted to say... I don't know, these shorts are what keep the mind cycling. More Luck with that -CL
4/2/2005 c1 forget my name
You're very descriptive, but you don't over do it. Good job&stuff. I can like, picture everything in my head.
4/2/2005 c1 Melissa
I thought this was a great story. Everyone should read this.
3/28/2005 c1 10JojoAnn
re you gonna keep going with it? Cuz you should.

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