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4/15/2011 c3 Buizel-san
Uh, please don't judge the name I use for this review... I think the story is amazingly unique and awesome plot-wise, but... A-chan, B-kun, C-chan, and D-kun? That's a little bit bland. Otherwise, great work.
2/12/2007 c7 1beloved18
awe man i liked this story write more of it soon ok?
7/8/2006 c7 shadowsplint
wow how manny chartars are there gonna be? or is it done allready? well good job! keep updating i wanna see A-chan face her grandparents and her mom! shes gonna blow up yay!
6/1/2006 c1 Darket
This was good for y our first chapter, I'll be reading a bit more soon. There was nothing wrong with the story, it's just like the normal manga to me. I'll be back with more reviews later...


7/5/2005 c2 Kayumanggi
Finished reading the next chapter after another 6 minutes (maybe more ^_^;)

The second chapter is way better that the first. You write comedy very well, honestly, I like the part where they jabbered at BoA's song.

The mood of the story seems to shift real fast but it's all good.

Write on!
7/5/2005 c1 Kayumanggi
Great Fic... I haven't finished reading all the chapters yet. But the first chapter seems promising, I've read it in under 5 minutes ^_^; Without my glasses I'm blind.

Write on!
6/28/2005 c4 12Sesra
In respose to the other perosns post and your reply.I do actulay read the chatpers in around 2 minutes, problay less, I just scan through, its a gift from watching a large amount of subtitled anime. ;)The introduction of D-kun was actulay, non-reaistic, no one would haul a drunk person to there apartment, in fact, I thought that they had known eachother from past experances, that would of made a little sense, sorry for that small bashing, but thats all I have as bad news.

The actual reason I am compelled to read this, is I am in the same scnario, I used to, and after the summer will work again, for a small anime/gameing store in my small town.The actual reason I am compelled to read it is that I have a A-chan in my life too, I am actually more like D-kun, but not at the store.Trust me though, the highest amount I made in one day was around 300, and that was becouse of hard work, getting people to buy multipule series.

Though I like it, sadly a tad bit on cleched on the characters, and a small amount of being too scripted, it's nothing that can be immedatly improved, as you continue writeing you'll get alot better, trust me, no matter how good you are you can always get better! ^_^

This is a mindless rant, but that's what I'm here for, update soon!
6/24/2005 c3 3Agent Q
I just came across this story by chance, and I read all three chapters in fifteen minutes. It's getting interesting. Although, I only have to say that drug is a noun.
6/24/2005 c3 Sesra
:3:3:3:3:3For some reason, this pitch appealed to me greatly, just the summary, well what can I say...

First, B-kun is such a closet pervert.C-chan is such a over possesave fan girl.And A-chan is a distortion of you!The drunk guy? Ill think of it later.

I don't know who would kiss his 'best friend' are B and A best friends, is this going to be a love triangle? Will the newsletter be done in time? Will BoA sing at the small con?

Will I review every chatper? Yes.

Have fun writeing it becouse I'll have fun reading it. ^_^

(More characters would be nice mabie, if somehow it was okay, I would like to help you with it.
4/26/2005 c2 Kakyou Takashiro
wow. holy, wow. haha. i'm not even sure what to say. for one, i never thought someone would write something like this, sounds like it came out of the ANIMATE catalogue or something. awesome stuff, plus the wonderful prose to top it off; you have all the praise i can offer. don't let the review count disappoint you. continue. i can only beg that question.

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