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for Tried to Say I'm Sorry

2/27/2006 c1 20VirgilKane ismyname
Nice & terse.. Lurve it.
10/8/2005 c1 1Schizophrenic-llama
Thats a fabulous poem. So deep, and beautiful.. Your a great writer, I wish poems like that came to my mind.
8/29/2005 c1 21Alienboy411676
Very nice! I've been there.
4/30/2005 c1 10Professor Smith
Very nice. Why is only some of it in bold?
3/28/2005 c1 59S0ulSearching
This was wicked...I really like it...keep it up. -pammy-
3/28/2005 c1 11Jennifer-Phoenix
it has a really good feeling to it. I understand that you got feedback for it.


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