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for The Shy Boy

2/24/2018 c1 K Singh
Wow,such a nice scenario you presented in this beautifully expressed.
Somehow...made me feel special, thanx for doing it.
12/26/2015 c1 4InsanityIsClarity
I rather liked this. And while I live poetry, I rarely even bother with poetry on this site cause it usually is terrible. (Even though I write poetry myself on this site...) I really liked how you wrote it, free form, yet rhythmic.

There is actually this shy kid at my school. He's my stepbrother.

And while I love this- there is one problem with it... Cocky kids have feelings too. Jocks and preps and nerds and geeks and athletes and emos and goths and everyone who fits into none or more than one of these stereotypes (so pretty much everyone)... We have feelings too. Yeah I think we should talk to shy kids more and learn about them, but we should also give outgoing kids and kids who are neither shy nor outgoing a second glance. Shy kids hide their feelings, outgoing kids mask them, those who are neither suppress them. It's not like a rule or anything, but everyone has feelings and their own way of dealing with them.

But rant aside, I loved this story and this is one of the best non professional poems I've read.
5/2/2007 c1 2Serolina
i really love this! it is so sweet.
6/2/2005 c1 3amethyst64
honestly, this is really sweet! i hate those cocky boys too. ;) i love how you write. ;)
5/16/2005 c1 Seed Slasher
"Usually girls like the showy guys—like the cocky boy in this poem, for example. I like…guys with big feet. But…take a look at the shy boy at your school—if there’s one. Take the time to wonder what he’s really like inside. I mean, what’s he like at home? He can’t be shy at home. He’s got to have a free, sweet spirit…just take the time to see who he really is."

4/7/2005 c1 Wisdom's Warrior
Wow! I loved this. I was the "shy boy" for a long, long while, actually, so that probably affects why I like it so much. Still, very good. It was funny watching everyone fall for the arrogent boys, and girls as well. Usually I just called them the Jocks and the Preps. Anyways, very good. I like how you mention that the shy boys have a spirit too. Sometimes, often, a better spirit. Thanks for writing this.
4/2/2005 c1 2lilliefrost
Hey, great job with this poem! I really liked how you wrote it. Very sweet:)

4/1/2005 c1 Shefali
aww...so sweet! - but we don't have a shy boy...*shrugs*
3/30/2005 c1 His Only
WOW! That was one of the cutest poems I have ever read! Gosh I really liked it! I absolutley loved how you repeated yourself and how you compared the "shy boy" and the "cocky boy". I loved the lines "the tall boy, the short buy, the thin boy, the fat boy..." That was so creative. Just everything about this poem so... I don't know, good! Oh by the way, this shy boy sounds so adorable! Excellent job with this! Keep up the great work and may God bless!
3/29/2005 c1 35Koriina
. . . You like boys . . . with big feet? O.o I knew there was a reason you frighten me so . . .

That's so awesome! I really like how you put that . . . . I know the cocky boy. His name is Johnny. He's ugly. And mean. And he likes Tuna Fish.

thanks for posting this! Keep it up!

3/29/2005 c1 2TwinGrapeJellies
aw totally cute!
3/28/2005 c1 47xWhit3StaRx
aww you know i love it ^_^
3/28/2005 c1 15oddleng
I admit... I relate... Except no one was making fun of him or anything. But then I found out who he really was eventually, and he wasn't who I thought he was. Anyways. What I'm trying to say is- your poem is very very realistic. Hehe...

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