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8/10/2005 c24 StephanieKoinumera
wow... o.O is that the end? there IS more, right? gah!

well, since there arent any more chapters available to read, this will be my last review (till you write more that is... which you better... or will the "real riyo" finish it?). so anyway, this really was a fantastic story. o.o i'm so proud of you, hishy-poo! ^_^ hmm... probably wrong choice of words there... o.O ok, i'll have Koinumera say something.

... alright, true, this story is fantastic... really, it's awesome! really sad tho. :(... and i'm proud of you too (minus the "hishy-poo"...). your writing has improved over the years. :D not that your writing sucked before... o.O i'm just saying, it's improved. ^_^ well, i really hope that you're not gonna end it like that, cuz... that's not much of an ending... so i'm expecting another chapter! @ (HEY, SO AM I). oh yeah, steph too. well, we're out. ttyl and love ya ungayishly. :D

bai bai~! ^_^
8/10/2005 c23 StephanieKoinumera
. *holds back tears*...
8/10/2005 c22 StephanieKoinumera
:( ... this is so sad... .
8/10/2005 c18 StephanieKoinumera
whoa... a nice little twist, eh? hehe...
8/10/2005 c20 StephanieKoinumera
k... phew... still alive. *wipes sweat off forehead*... hehe... ^^;;
8/10/2005 c19 StephanieKoinumera
T-T wah! man, that was really sad. . i have tears in my eyes! argh! she better not have died (again)!
8/10/2005 c16 StephanieKoinumera
hey, i'm back! ^_^ i decided to review, since this chapter had no reviews... lol! dun dun dunn... i can sense bad things are about to happen. it's pretty obvious riyo is drunk, lol! and wow, she got kissed. o.o lol! anyway, i shall read more! @
8/9/2005 c10 StephanieKoinumera
wow, i must say, your story is rather addicting. even tho i had to get off the computer, it took me a few chapters before i finally decided i should stop. lol. ^^; your story is awesome. ^_^ unfortunately, i have to go to bed now... (it's about 11:35pm right now), so i'll have to wait till later to continue reading. hopefully tomorrow. ^_^ ttyl!
8/9/2005 c4 StephanieKoinumera
ok, i decided that it would be a little redundant of me if i were to review on every one of your chapters, especially since i'm pretty much reading a bunch of chapters in 1 day. so i feel like i'll probably write the same sort of compliments over and over again. and that would be boring... and lame... lol... but i just had 1 question. isn't riyo at all suspicous or curious as to how kowasu knows about the fox? or will that show up later?
8/9/2005 c3 StephanieKoinumera
hey, i'm back to reading this! o.O yeah, it's been awhile, but like i told you before, i've gotten busy. so i figured, since i have less than 3 weeks of summer vacation left, i might as well put it to good use (other than doing that summer homework). so i'm reading Fox-Spell! ^_^ well, it's just 1 of the things among my list of things to do over the summer. o.O anyway, enough of my yapping and on the reviewing.

lol, i love how you tie humor into your story, particularly w/riyo's sarcasm (i love her sarcasm). lol! it's good how you portray riyo and kowasu's personality w/showing and not telling. woot! ok so next chappy...
6/14/2005 c24 the crappy angsty years
write moore... explain! Real Riyo?
5/23/2005 c24 21lordelfy
cool...is there gonna be more?
5/19/2005 c4 6soupgirl
i like the story. it gave me chills when i first started reading it. i like how you started the story. please keep writing!
5/17/2005 c24 Guest
Excellent story. You should make a sequel though, I kinda want to know what happens when Kowasu comes back. She said she would, so I think it would be interesting to know what happens when she does.
5/16/2005 c23 21lordelfy
is that the end? i hope it isnt...this story is so freakin awesome..it cant be over yet *tear*
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