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12/27/2008 c20 1AndWeWatchThisCityBurn
It's official. I'm in love with this story. It was simply amazing and one of the most hilarious things I've ever read in my life. I think you should do this in Sam's point of view just because it would be single handedly the most stupifying thing of the friggen century.
12/22/2008 c20 1honey splattered brains
12/15/2008 c20 32Trish J

Fudge, dude - I'm having to bat down mad love for the snarky Clyde ({glomps}) and ignore the fact that my clock is telling me it's past one in the morning. You're hilarious, amazing, brilliant. BRILLIANT, I tell you.

Trish xoxo
12/4/2008 c20 2NakedKing
wow that was an amazing story! its fucking fantastic! i love Clyde hes such a bitter basterd!
11/30/2008 c20 Zarzal
I speak enough english to say that this just become one of my favorite's. Love the writting, the characters, everything. I can't believe I read it all yesterday.
11/22/2008 c4 Alyssa Jerryl
l swear l've done that! and not as a kid! l was the adult, well.. 16 and l didn't know the kid or the mother. lt was hilarious.
10/24/2008 c20 9Veanar
I'm so glad this is over with.

i really wanted to sleep, but couldn't.

I couldn't even tear my eyes away from the screen,

really, I'm speechless.

my mom is going to kill me for staying up so late...

thank you for the amazing read, even though I'm really tired and just want to sleep right now.

story is going straight to my favs.

10/13/2008 c20 Teldra
I really enjoyed this ^_^
10/6/2008 c20 1TGyamiBakura
Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous.
9/6/2008 c20 AlastrinaMeadow
Ha ha ha, I loved it!
9/3/2008 c20 aripie
my god this story had me cracking up from beginning to end and omg the smut! it was well worthe wait :)

thanks so much for writing this story
8/26/2008 c16 3Skilv
LOL, ok. My sister recommended this story to me and when I asked why, she simply said said 'the main character

is you', and LOL wasn't she right! I'm just pissing myself here! He's a bit meaner than I am but sheesh, I'm always imagining how I can stab my boss with a fork in the eye, I threaten people with pens, I stab people with them and I used to punch walls until I punched one so hard I had to have my hand bandaged for 3 days and even after that I punched the elevator without realizing what i was doing ^^`

Anyways, I'm loving the story, you're a good writer (which can't be said from much people who post in internet lately). I'm reading it all in one go, I've been like..4 hours here reading LOL. So thanks for the good read! :D
8/14/2008 c20 2neeree
When Clyde lets go, he REALLY lets go.

This fic was so entertaining and amusing and just...really cute. Clyde is an awesome character whose both bitter but not at the same time because he has all these cute qualities that he tries to cover up but can't. He and Sam are so meant for each other.

I love the deranged sense of humor in this fic.

ps. What does the W/M part mean?
7/2/2008 c20 6Zyril
I love this story! It is just...WONDROUS! Love it, love it, love it! SQUEE! ...Sorry...fangirl moment. I'm good now...I think...Anyway, I love Clyde and Sam! They are so great together! YAY! Happiness!
6/29/2008 c20 Emelie
I love you.

"Shut the fuck up. I happen to like peanut butter. Everyone loves peanut butter. It's fucking tasty."

For some reason, that just summed up Clyde for me. Hahaha.

This was just brilliant. Clyde's wiseass self, Sam's mischief, the hilarity, the gushy moments, the homophobes, the CAKE. I had to read this all in one sitting, and now my day is gone. But a well-spent day!

I'm suddenly gripped by the insane desire to draw this entire thing as a comic.
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