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8/18/2014 c2 4mechanicalily
Clyde comes off as sociopathic to me, but he's got humor. Despite the character, the story hooked me, and Sam seems like a cutie patootie. :D
7/7/2014 c20 1freakazoid-13
I don't review often. Mostly out of laziness. But after reading the prologue of your story I told myself that I was going to MAKE myself review your story after reading it. So here is my review.
Your writing is of an exceptional quality not often found on FP, so much so that I'm sure you could be a published author if you're not one already. There are some minor typos and some parts that could stand to be edited, of course (especially the interactions with Andrea's character which are often flat or cartoonish), but the character arc is so tangible, the main characters so vividly real and the narrative so entertaining that they outshine the few flaws the story may have.
With a bit of editing, I could see this being a real book.
I have seldom found a story as gripping or real on the internet (if I have to read another "high school drama/love affair" story I'm going to scream), where characters who lead mostly unremarkable lives, of an adult age, deal with adult problems and the small everyday crises that make navigating a 20-something life frustrating and frequently unbearable. It could be anybody's life, and that's part of what makes it so compelling. That there's even mirrored in the ending, that finishes off the story with a whisper, rather than a bang, just a normal day hinting at other pleasant days to come but with the nagging insistence that it might all still go to shit.
I look forward to reading more of your work, and if you ever want someone to help clean up this story for publication, give me a shout.
With all my love,
(PS: as a smoker, I GREATLY appreciate this story ;D )
6/11/2014 c20 1Insanity Fuels My Imagination
I love the story progression throughout the chapters. It seems that Clyde manages to start loving Sam before he's even fully realised that Sam exists. Andrea was amazing, I'm sure in an un-biased view she's actually very nice. And his boss is just *shakes head and laughs* ... Wow.
5/25/2014 c20 3Gay Satan
I loved this story! The characters, though, they laugh waaaaayyy too hard at almost nothing. Even when something isn't funny, like they're on some kind of drug. It's funny though. Anyways, I loved Clyde and Sam. Apparently I'm like Clyde. I remind my friend of Clyde. Lol. I personally love Clyde so I don't complain. Anyways, great story and all!
4/15/2014 c20 I'll Do It Tomorrow
Amazing story! This was cut and funny and PERFECT.

Thank you for writing this. you are an amazingly talented writer :)
2/21/2014 c20 pikachuxtoxthexrescue
Omg this was amazing thank you:)
11/16/2013 c20 4rockspapersnscissors
Lol, I loved the story, but I'd like to see a chapter where he brings Sam home to meet his Mother and Grandfather! XD I think it would be awesome, I loved the Grandfather!

Great Job!

9/22/2013 c20 AsianIdiot16
This story was so amazing! I loved the characters and the plot. I didnt know this was was a gay story (though i kinda figured...) because this was the most popular under the humor genre. But i was pleasantly surprised.
I especially loved Clyde's character. he's so bitter and rude but thats only because he's afraid to let anyone close to him after he was completely played with. But he loves sweets and eats them as if they're orgasmic XD. and he always overthinks everything and worries about if he doesnt look like jackass. he's an adorable character, really. and then u have Sam, who annoys the hell out of Clyde, just for the fun of it. He's cute and really daring to be with Clyde.
Im surprised u made the boss so homophobic. but if i were in clyde's shoes, i'd make out with sam in front of him just to spite him.
theres really so much that i like from this story. i really cant just specify. Everything about it was amazing. I would ask for more from this couple, but i think its stopped at a reasonable place, and anymore would kinda feel off.
i noticed that there were some elements that kinda dropped. Like in the beginning there were like steps on being a jackass. and then there was alot of attention to his comic at first but that also kinda dropped. you know what would be brilliant? if u made a webcomic of the comic Clyde was making. that would be hilarious.
But anyway, great job. I really enjoyed this. I found myself laughing at every one of clydes antics and rooting them on the whole way.
9/19/2013 c17 AsianIdiot16
Clyde is just precious.
I feel bad for him because his whole office knows of his relationship and heard his sexy phone call XD.
Also he got his heart broken before and it keeps him from falling for anyone else.
But his love for sweets is so fucking adorable! But his moans when he eats cake must be a real fuckibg turn on. Sam will probably use his weakness for cake to his advantage in the future. I know I would.
9/9/2013 c20 badbart
Absolutely loved this piece. I laughed & giggled (yes, giggled) through all of it. I often wished I could be rude to people, but I'm just not capable of doing it. Too much conscience.
Years ago I had a friend somewhat like Clyde, when asked how how are you, he would reply, "what's it to you"?

Wonderful work here.
8/7/2013 c20 9Pantu
I noticed the last review you had suggested this was predicatable. I find that kind of funny because all stories are predicatable once you've read/writen enough of them. That's not really the point, its how you tell the predicatable stuff that makes it great. And this was definitly great. Clyde's naration was inspired and hilarious. I've laughed so many times reading this and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
So thanks for sharing
7/25/2013 c1 12Reiz16
Prediction: Main chara will learn to like other people and find a friend, possibly fall in love.
6/30/2013 c9 The Dammed
I'm just going to say it I'm just going to flat out say it, it's two in the morning and I am drunk off my ass from sleep deprivation but I cannot for the life of me stop reading this. I adore Clyde to bits and this world you have created is so fresh and so clean clean (did I just...) anyway, this is absolutely a gem and I feel fortunate to have found it!
6/30/2013 c1 The Dammed
I absolutely adore and can relate to this. I can already tell this will be amazing *continues to read*
6/12/2013 c20 3DandyChance
I know it's been over half a decade since you wrote this, but this was one of the very first stories I ever read on fp and it still remains one of the best. Not just the plot, but your entire writing style is genius. It's funny without beating you around the head with it. Love, love, love. Plus, who doesn't adore jaded assholes with severe temperamental issues.
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