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for WMSmoker seeks Seclusion

4/17/2005 c11 M L
Lol, so he spends the entire night looking to play.
4/17/2005 c11 Ree
"No, you stupid bitch."

Zing! +50 cool points for Clyde (his current score is 6520, if you're wondering), even if Andrea couldn't hear him. He's still awesome. Allow me to butcher a Strong Bad quote.

Every time that I look at Clyde, I can't believe how awesome he is!

I have stabbed people in the hand with forks many times. Apparently they bleed and it leaves a scar, which is usually cool, but not when it's your best friend's whiny little brother. Oh well. It was still amusing.

But why the hell am I talking about me, when it's YOUR story that rocks so fucking hard!

XD I love the way they have actual staring contests. They're so ridiculously cute. Also, I like the way that Sam didn't argue with the "rude" part. X3 That's our TFOG. Cute and obnoxious to the end. (But obnoxious in a CUTE way, just so you know I'm not ripping on your baby.)

Andrea and Rob's plan may not have worked, but at least it's got Clyde maybe thinking a little about the possibility of a date.

...by the way. How long HAS it been since Clyde's had a date?
4/17/2005 c11 3NeverEverTown
Wow . . . you're spitting out these updates faster than like any other author on this site, and that is a very good thing. I was so happy when Sam and Clyde ditched the club to go to IHOP . . . and I have to agree with Clyde, the French toast there is awesome! I must say that I'm kind of tired of Andrea . . . even though she is trying to get them together, she seems to be trying too hard. ::shrug:: Oh, well. I still can't wait for the next update (even though I have a good feeling that it will be very soon with your schedule. ::grins::)
4/17/2005 c11 Nudd
*blushes* Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I should've been paying closer attention... but after about chapter 3 I was so into the story I mostly just skipped the A/N (well, I didn't it this time obviously but...)

Anyway, great chapter. I'm particularly fond of IHOP so whenever it makes a cameo I get excited. And Clyde ranting to himself about where to stab Sam with his fork was PRICELESS! As was his 'taming' of the shrew (Andrea) technique. All in all, another fantastic chapter. Sorry about the mix up. YOU rock!
4/17/2005 c11 2Naomi Schemer
I don't think I really have anything to say. Lovely chapter, and I can't wait for your next update.
4/16/2005 c10 26pneumothorax
Hope you update soon. I'm real;ly enjoying this.
4/16/2005 c9 pneumothorax
Has worked out W is for white. I'm tired. but this is still good, however tired I am :)
4/16/2005 c8 pneumothorax
Loved this chapter. Drunk is good.
4/16/2005 c6 pneumothorax
Very good. Very bitter.
4/16/2005 c4 pneumothorax
Curious - the W/M/Smoker refer to phrases common in personal ads..right? What is W? I'm guessing m is male..
4/16/2005 c1 pneumothorax
I love the line 'I have a decent evil smirk though'. One thing about the fic so far is the name.. seems familiar somehow. Oh well. Thta's pretty much it. It's entertaining so far :)
4/16/2005 c10 25Hercules
You update really fast! Haha.

I understand how Clyde feels, when he is forced to do things against his will...:P
4/16/2005 c10 21princess max
Hehe, I love Andrea. And the way women always check out a guy's wardrobe when they're going anywhere important. It's as if no male can ever be trusted to dress himself (I deeply suspect ninety-five percent of guys *can't* dress themselves)
4/16/2005 c10 A Possible Shortcoming


Second. Oh fuck you, Sheila!

Well, guess what, Andrea? You've just been DEMOTED.

Third. Oh. OH. They are goin' CLUBBING. Well, or not, who knows. But when I think of 'hot' and clothing together, there's usually techno music involved.

Or a tiger.

4/15/2005 c10 ddz008
Great chapter!Sorry for not reviewing last chapter... but my life was so busy last week. Clyde is really a lot of fun XDHe is so angry and bitter, but know that he is opening more he tries to denied it with all his might XDI really hope to see the next chapter pretty soon! (And more Sam/Clyde interaction XD)PS: The thing with the stapler was so funny! :D :D :D
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