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for WMSmoker seeks Seclusion

12/4/2012 c20 1Mcgde
I love this :) Wish it wasn't over :(
10/29/2012 c20 LateNightTurtle
Holy crap, I love this story. 3
10/16/2012 c20 6MAH1
I read this a few months back when I had only just discovered the whole slash genre. I followed some random links and found a 'best slash' -list.

What got me interested was the title and after reading the first few lines I was hooked.

Now, having finally created a profile I wanted to leave a review just to say how amazing I think this story is. It has a great balance, if thet makes any sense to anyone. It's one of my favorite stories ever and I recommend it to anyone.
8/13/2012 c20 Winnie
Lovely story, loved every chapter.
8/10/2012 c20 xMunchy
Haha, this is great! Kept me smiling the whole time. Cute AND funny. I love the way the story ended, too, though I would have liked to know how Clyde's family would have reacted to this cute, gorgeous, sex-on-legs Sam he got himself. And I definitely would have liked to know more about Sam's family-they seem very interesting. Welp, going to sleep now (this kept me up 'til 6!). Tomorrow, I'll be checking your profile for more goodies. Bye, and thanks for this DELICIOUS story you've concocted! Night!
7/29/2012 c13 Kari
Ive read this story some hundred times over many many years...it never gets old.
7/27/2012 c20 15Ice Bubble
This story is a lovely piece of scrumptiousness. And it feels so real, as if I'm watching it as it happens with my own two eyes. I'm in love with this.
7/13/2012 c1 16jma
You know, I read and loved this story from the beginning to the end when it was originally finished in '05 and still like to drop in an read it upon occasion and love it every bit now as I did all those years ago. Much love for your work and for keeping it posted so I can reminisce every now and again.

6/21/2012 c20 ERCx
That was so good. I really enjoyed reading that and i really love Clyde! I can really relate to him on the whole being anti-social front and i found him so funny.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that i really did enjoy your story!
6/16/2012 c20 AdaraH
hahahahaha i loved it ;)
6/16/2012 c10 AdaraH
what the hell...why he doesn't yell at her and throw her of his flat?...I liked his bitter person better...xd
5/3/2012 c1 3Sayure
If you are a Clyde Reynolds, sorry to tell you the idea of the story is so fanny and like to read the next chapter :-)
4/21/2012 c20 1ChocoBomb
You just took my comment virginity.

This story is so damn great. Clyde is funny. No, he's wicked hilarious.

The story is in depth and detailed. It has a rich array of characters, from the most hated antagonists (Rob) to lovable sidekicks. (Max. Puppy :D )

I really love your writing. Thank you for such a good story. This is exactly the type of thing that FP can get me addicted to.

1/27/2012 c20 4Armand.Louis
SO AWESOME :) glad i read this, happy ending but not stupidly sappy.

just awesome
1/18/2012 c20 JJ
Very nice...glad Clyde is learning to love again with Sam who is just a wonderful partner.
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