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4/6/2005 c6 Widom
Ha ha ha...this story kicks ass. Clyde is so dysfunctional...he's hilarious. And, of course, Third Floor Office Guy is a great character also...I love this story.
4/6/2005 c6 Ree
*screams and hugs* I LOVE IT! You've turned me into a raving fangirl! Clyde's grandpa is now my second favorite character. First place goes to Clyde, of course. I'd probably love TFOG just as much if I knew more about him. *fangirl sigh* God, I love this story. *bribes* Update update update! I just can't get enough! ^_^
4/6/2005 c6 25SweetPseudonym
Yay! No more denial xD Let's just see what he does with this new revelation, yes? His Gramps sounds awesome; his mom too -rofl. Nice chapter again =3 Im glad he's learned that he cant live all alone as a hermit...Maybe i should take some of that advice xDD Cant wait cant wait-to see what he's gunna do about it xDD Omg! -spaz- Update soon! ~
4/6/2005 c6 2subtleline
Okay so I finally got around to reviewing. YAY! I must say I adore this story. It's different from your other ones in a few ways and similar still, like the lovable sarcastic bastard. You tend to have one in each story and how do I love them. Cynical too. Well I'm looking forward to more of TFOG and SOS. I can't wait to find out what TFOG said! And I do adore grandpa. Mine's was a bit like that. I think everyone needs the cranky, sarcastic gramps. Not to mention the mother who is always right. ALWAYS, I tell u. Thank god I moved. Well, I'll look forward to the next update. Thankfully w/ u I don't have to wait too long. I'm a terrible example of updating skills. U are the empitome of that.
4/6/2005 c6 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
No TFOG? *cannot comprehend*

God. Clyde does need a hug now. And ha, I will give him one because he's a smoker and I imagine I can run far enough before I collapse. I love the grandpa. He's awesome. Healthy food is evil. *pats his head*

[I might as well have pulled his hair and ran away or something.]

Hilarious mental image there.

So...yay for a new chapter, can't wait to see another one soon. Updates for this always make me happy.
4/6/2005 c6 Lirael
::gives Clyde a reaaly big huggle::

Hee! Hee! 'm sorry, 'm really hyper! FWwe!

O.o OK. On to the reviiew.

Nice chapter. Denial's not in Egypt..?

Anyway. Like afore, I thought twas a really nice chapter. More character development? I do hope Clyde will become better at this. [Well... if he didn't there would be no story. Rather pointless of mee, ne?] At least he's got a nice family.

=] Yay.
4/6/2005 c6 DEDoD
Hi, this review is just to tell you how wonderfull you are to be uploading soo frequently. I love you!(Clyde+TFOG 4ever!)
4/6/2005 c6 Nudd
Reminds me of my friend's grandpa. He's the type that never DOES anything but complains a LOT (fuunny old coot though). Last Thanksgiving he actually tried to wash the dishes (by 'wash' I mean he put them in the dishwasher) but his wife told him he had to rinse them off first. He didn't like that very much... he ended up screaming something like "Dammit, Grace! Why don't I just whipe my ass BEFORE I take a shit?" Funny stuff. You might've had to be there to really get the full effect. Anyway, when I picture Clyde's grandpa, I picture him. Can't wait for the next chapter (or maybe the one after... I wanna know EXACTLY what "he was right" meant).
4/6/2005 c5 16AppLEaves
Oh MY GOD! I LOVE THIS GUY... uh... what was his name again? Kyle? Clyde?

Uh... yeah.

I just finished reading LostAgain's story, Sweet Cycnism, and the main character has kinda the same character as Clyde! If you're not already reading the story, check it out!

Um... sorry, but I just have a thing for assholes in first-person view.


(This story definitely needs more reviews... I'm going to be advertising it... right now.)
4/5/2005 c5 M L
“Happy Birthday, jackass.” Woot! That's my favorite line. And the "He’s an even worse of a morning person than I am." Haha!

Anyway, write more soon.
4/4/2005 c5 6Wolfwitch
I love your story! The TFOG is great. I love Clyde's naem ofr him. And Clyde himself is cool. "He belongs on the third floor! That’s his name!" That was genius.
4/4/2005 c5 swordgirl-amy
Oh, oh, oh, I love your story! I want to know what that chick meant by "He was right." I love Clyde, he is the asshole that lives inside of everyone but never really comes out as much as he does. When do we learn Thrid Floor Guy's name? Please update really soon, I will be antiapating(no I can not spell worth a damn) your next chapter with baited breath.-Amy-
4/4/2005 c5 2LadyFalcone
yet another great chapter. can't wait for the update.
4/4/2005 c5 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
Gah. I have no idea where the meat scissors are. Some little rodent (brother's friend) must've taken them or something. Evil. *laughing* I love how is with his mom. Very amusing. I wonder what the hell TFOG and S-O-S were talking about. I think Clyde needs a hug. Not from me, of course, because I'd be a bit afraid, but from someone. Lol. So...this would be all. Please continue soon.
4/4/2005 c5 Jeoal
I love TFOG now, too. Whatever he said to Sheila-or-something (it’s priceless that she told Clyde her name, and still he calls her that – the bastard… :-P) is brilliant, and I don’t even know what it was. He seems to know so much about Clyde without Clyde knowing much of anything about him; and the fact that him just being around irritates Clyde is so funny, and so very interesting. I can’t wait to see more from both of them. I hope that they have some sort of interaction soon because I’m positive that it would be awesome (I just want to see what would happen so badly…). But I’m all too aware that wonderful storytelling like this can’t be rushed, so just keep updating with whatever and I’ll keep loving it.

I laughed out loud at the entire birthday scene. And Clyde’s grandpa. “Happy birthday, jackass.” What can I say? I always wanted to have a grouchy, senile grandparent. He’s just…almost as great as Clyde. And speaking of Clyde…other random Clyde-isms that I found hilarious, this chapter - I’m babbling. Why am I babbling? Goddammit! / They simply signed their names and that was all. Good. That means I can throw it away. / Since when have my words not cut into someone, leaving me satisfied at a job well done? / And so many more. You know how much I love his character.

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