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3/31/2005 c3 Jeoal
Clyde is one of my favorite characters now. I can’t believe the characterization you included in just three chapters, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise with a great writer like you! As I told you already (more or less), I can really feel how he would be, if he were real... As if I could literally pull him off the street (or meet him in an elevator) and start talking to him. …Of course, he’d hate that, wouldn’t he? Oh well. I could always be like Sam and try.

Speaking of which…the three relationships that you’ve really focused on so far – Clyde with Max, with Sam (TFOG) and with his boss – are great and unique. I’m interested to see why Sam is so persistent with him (although I could probably hazard a wild guess, right now). And his boss is just one of those utterly cocky Napoleon-complex (even if he isn’t that short) kind of guys, isn’t he? I like how he and Clyde almost battle wits with each other (although I’m on Clyde’s side, and I think that he has a considerable amount more ‘ammo’ in his ‘arsenal’, for that fight). And, of course, Max…there’s nothing like a dog that licks his ass and the owner who loves him (the track-suit girl scene was hilarious, by the way).

I’d hate to rant on about this absorbing story, but I think that sentiment’s a little late, now? One last thing…the Elvis Costello part has been my *most* favorite, so far. ‘I’m half way to the seventh floor when it hits me. Elvis Costello? What the fuck? Never mind!’ Haha, loved it. Clyde is just…wow. I really love his character.

Your writing style is wonderful! Update soon!
3/31/2005 c1 mneme
Aw...this was really, really good! You did a great job with this ficcie, very nice plotline and perfect, perfect characterization. I'll be checking every day, hoping for an update.
3/31/2005 c3 DownSlow
I stamp my seal of approval on this story. You did most of the work but I find it endearing that you give me credit. It's sad that Clyde's not a real person.
3/31/2005 c3 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
The other name is more funny than his real one. I shall use it when talking about him unless I somehow change my mind...

*laughs at Max* My cats random stop walking and start licking themselves. I find it odd...

AJG is evil-ish. Eww. She winked at him.


I love TFOG guy now. He's allowed to wink. Lol. And the boss...just kind of eww.

Well, this sucked. Must sleep now. Continue SOON.
3/30/2005 c3 Nudd
Haha! Way to go 3rd Floor Guy! Hanley sounds like a prick. Can't wait to read more!
3/30/2005 c3 Monkeyland
I love Clyde's attitude, I don't know why...hhmm I've never really read or met anyone like him before..maybe that's it. Yay! I love the story and the 3rd floor guy..make more appearences c'mon. heh heh update soon!
3/30/2005 c3 2Ree
I secretly don't have enough time to review this (I'm avoiding my research paper), but I thought I'd stop and tell you how much I loved it anyway. :D Amazing job. Keep being brilliant.
3/30/2005 c3 25SweetPseudonym
Hola! Just thought id say how Clyde is getting more and more hilarious each chapter xD Ah, the things he does! xP Especially when he yelled at the soccer mom -omg xD. This chapter was great-to say the least ^_^ You guys keep it up! You work really well together =3
3/30/2005 c2 SweetPseudonym
I really want to know how the romance comes into play
3/30/2005 c2 scriptor-spei
this chapter was so good. I have nothing to criticize on, but I have to say I like how you don't give the names of all the characters. It's a nice technique.
3/29/2005 c2 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
Clyde, desipe being a royal ass (I tend to have a thing for that type of character) is awesome. Being anti-social is fun. Will we see more of Third Floor Guy? I like him. Kind of adorable. So, another chapter soon, I hope.
3/29/2005 c2 Nudd
I like Clyde simple because he's an ass. Reminds me a little of myself. I should probably be more disturbed by that than I actually am, but...eh. Anyway I can't wait to see what happens with the snakey boss, 3rd Floor Guys (haha), etc. I'm assuming both characters will be in later chapters because, really, why bother mentioning them if they won't be? That being said: Update soon!
3/29/2005 c1 SweetPseudonym
Hello again! Im baack! (uh-oh! xD) Just thought id pop in and say how interesting this new fic sounds x3 Mr.Antisocial is a very peculiar and yet intriguing character ^_^ i cant wait to see more of him. I really enjoyed the intro. All of the "i hate humanity" stuff was great xD And-it was long but didnt get boring-so it's all good =3 The husky/wolf sounds adorable! I've always wanted one, but floried weather is a little to icky i guess ;_;Any who, write more! rawr! And yay-im glad you're back so fast xD~
3/29/2005 c1 4NanoLurker
It's pretty good, but the tenses keep changing. You go from have to had, and some bits sound like he's talking after he's died...

But strange...
3/29/2005 c1 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
NEW STORY. And I'm loving it so far. He amuse me a lot, and the title is great. Another chapter soon?
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