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for Declaration

9/29/2000 c1 12Lissa
yay you! very nice declaration =)
4/11/2000 c1 Massacre Man
Well, it's been awhile since I've worn my anti-flamer suit, but I'm sure I have it somewhere... OH! You're reading this. I'm prepared for you, if you come at me. I'm armed with my "strength of wit" and "flamer basher". Heh heh, take your best shot. Bring it on. Oh, yeah, I'm against flamers. You better believe it. They're the reason I haven't said anything in awhile, I've been the silent viewer for months, but now I'm back and ready for action. So, flame all you want, but know this. I have webbed feet. All the better to kick your ass with. Now, I leave you with that.

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