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for Amber

4/5/2005 c1 117xHannahx
one thing, the rhyme seems kinda laboured especially with "your death please don’t postpone", it gets all shakespearian and backwards. maybe you should focus less on the rhyme? nice job tho

4/2/2005 c1 lipstick
Wow! I can really feel the emotion in this. Though I must say, I am a bit concerned. Your poems seem to switch with your moods. Are you okay? I know I don't know you, but this poem still worries me. But wonderful job on it.
4/2/2005 c1 120hypocrite extrodinare
uh.. I hate to point this out, but you cant leave yourself alone... trust me I've tried, and it doesnt work...
3/30/2005 c1 13Azriel Moon
Amber, I suppose your LJ post was directed toward me? I'm sorry that I can't help you, although I have tried my hardest, but you can't expect me not to try, or to stop loving you, because I can't. I care about you to damn much to do that. And just for that comment about the hugs... I'm giving you a huge bear hug tomorrow. Don't hate yourself, nobosy else does.
3/30/2005 c1 SagaciousPnay
Woah...such hate. Is it necessary for an M rated though? Anyways, it was a pleasure to read. I have thought these things before of the cruel *tiches out there...but never death. I hope you can cope with this..erm...people.
3/30/2005 c1 Wistera
Don't you fucking dare twist my words like that. Stop it. I hurt people.

Therefore, I am pulling myself away from them. If it hurts at first, so be it. Live with it, and get over it already.
3/29/2005 c1 anon
I don't like it. It is an evil poem. You should not hate yourself so much. You didn't do anything wrong. It is very violent and stings my heart to read this
3/29/2005 c1 126swift sky silver
i feel the emotion put into this piece... i hope you didn't really mean it... i get mad at myself sometimes too. nice job =0)

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