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10/28/2006 c1 the naked civil servant

this is not my type of poetry. i clicked on to it and almost went straight way again. it just looked too convoluted, style over substance, but the imagery sort of filtered through to me and flickered.

and my god, it is wonderous. transcends style, or appearance. the IMAGERY, i tell you. i swear it's amazing, crystal clear and so.. so.. EVOCTIVE, there are about 97 meanings i could slip this into..

i love it.
9/15/2005 c1 Starlight Maiden
It's so tasty...fabulously written, with amazing imagery.
8/2/2005 c1 28The Melissa Occult
I'd like to dance too... let's dance sometime. I know it's pretty much missing the point of your poem, but still, let's dance sometime. I like the poem. It fascinates me with the love that is woven into it. The love for the man and the woman. I like the beautiful words. I like the poem, but damn, let's dance.

7/19/2005 c1 94smile persephone
I am envious of your talents, truly. 'beads like polished vertebrae swished against star white thighs,clinking with microscopic mutterings' The imagery is both fascinating and gorgeous. I wish that I could write such perfect poetry! Yes, this poem is perfection.
4/25/2005 c1 158outruntheavalanche
[he was a boy but he had a gun, so they called him a man]

oh, i loved that line. perfectly written . . . just perfect.
4/25/2005 c1 84Escapist
AH!This is a poem that I feel like I have to read over a thousand times, just because it's sticking in my head so completely. It's perfect. The whole thing. It's balanced. The use of language is INSANE. -A raving review if there ever was one
3/30/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
Second stanza was the best; though this whole thing was written perfectly. Brava.
3/30/2005 c1 15Macca Lane
great, youy seem to be such a tlaneted writer realy bale to draw up some itnerisntg detail as wle as have good form to your poesm and i like the touch of hte last line at the end

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