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4/2/2005 c1 Clap Clap Raise Your Hands
love the imagery at the end, i can relate to the whole poem, maybe not in the way intened though but the feelings at the beginning are the same (see Fade and Impulse), great poem with a great strcture x weasel within x
4/1/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
yeah, it's had to describe it when you feel so helplessly lost and alone~~ Great job!

keep writing!
3/31/2005 c1 40godsgurl
i like this...alot. I like the ryming and the feeling and emotions you put into this. Very well done.
3/31/2005 c1 5Jack the Ripper
First off, thanks so much for the reviews and well wishes. Well done here. The way you use the greater chess pieces to represent the people and events around you and the pawn to represent yourself is very creative and thought provoking-Jack
3/31/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
I do like it, very expressive. And I love the last two lines, but I feel that they don't fit with the rest of the poem. Anyway it is a very nice poem. Thank you for your review and the suggestion with the contraction.
3/31/2005 c1 Wistera
::Is scared:: Holy shit, I had just scribbled half a poem on the theme of life and chess comparatively...and then you write this. ::wierded out::

It's good, but you need to stop spacing them so much. When you edit it, just single space it. -;

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