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for i know i hurt you

3/31/2005 c1 20scared and helpless
i never meant to hurt you. and i have always tried to give you space but sometimes its hard.i know im a slut and i have no problem admiting it, its jsut when it comes from you is when it hurts the most. i dont think you know how eaisly i used to be pushed in to things, and how hard it was for me to not be part of the group, ive never had much to look forward to in my life and being part of something meant something to me untill i realized how stupid the shit was i did. im sorry for talking about marrige and shit, because its something that i didnt know would actually be a thought. im sorry im not as attractive to you as i was before, but you will always be as attractive as you were the first day i met you. im sorry i no longer make you happy. im sorry im not the same person i used to be. i hope you find someone who makes you feel as good as i used to :'(

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