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for You Never Saw it Coming

12/31/2013 c1 FanOfU
Uhm...First off I LOVE this chapter,it's hella intriguing...for real!
Secondly,You are an amazing author! (Wow look at the alliteration! Yay me :-) ) Truly great babe!
Last and definitely not least,I just had to point out these little facts..:-P
*This is the first story I've read this YEAR!
*First review this year and
*Fictionpress is the first site I've been on! (I know that has nothing 2 do with you but whatever)
Sum it all up?
You FUCKIN rock! (*First curse written! Others were verbal;-) )
You Know You Love Me (Sorry couldn't resist!)
1/7/2008 c7 Amanda
You updated, yay. I loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next update. And I hope you update No Matter What soon too.
1/6/2008 c7 6stranger with your doorkey
you updated! yay! that makes me happy. :) this chapter WAS much longer than usual. i could totally feel the sexual tension in the room when nate carried brooke upstairs! i can't wait until thier first kiss...

and i can't wait until you update! hurry!
1/5/2008 c3 Lady Ryae
First off, let me say that this chapter was amazingly well done. I have an idea who it could be that Brook punched at the end of this chapter. Poor Chris, that is his name right? Well, I have a feeling he'll deserve it by the end of this story. His personality is just so, so hateable. XD

Anyways in the story I noticed that you use "you" a lot in order to interact with the reader. For example, "And if you thought that moment was going to last, you were so wrong." However, it's frowned up to use it to speak directly to the reader.

Think about it this way. If you were writting an essay about teen pregnancy and you throw this in it. "You're thirteen and pregnant with no job to support the baby and your boyfriend wants you to get rid of it." Now what happens if the reader happens to be male? Well, it's physically impossibly for a male to become pregnant and yet you have just accused your reader of that impossible feet. That's why it's best to avoid the problem altogether by not using the word "you".

At least, that's the example many of my English teachers have given me. So, avoid the word like a plague. But, it's such a bad habbit to break. .;

Though, I did enjoy this chapter. :3 I'll get around to reading the other chapters soon. Keep up the great work Blu and never stop writting.

Lady Ryae

P.S. I'd like to apologize ahead of time if my review seems a little harsh.
6/19/2007 c6 stranger with your doorkey
so sad that it's been 2 years since an update...how i would love for you to whip out one real fast and surprise everybody!

i'm so engrossed into these character's that it's killing me...

UPDATE! please please please please please,

6/14/2007 c6 FHJL88
Great story!

Update soon!
3/17/2007 c6 15Killer.Sinner.Whore
Loving it so far- keep on keepin` on! I'll look forward to updates.
11/13/2005 c6 kc-chan
bet ya can't guess whoo this is?... still guessin huh? hahahahah it's ME! THIS STORY'S THE SHIZNITE ALL YOU BIATCHEZ BETTER GIVE FANFUCKINTABULOS REVIEWS. have a nice day.kc-chan
11/12/2005 c6 2Blu-Skye
Reviewers:Thank you VERY much! I appreciate it, and this story will not end..I mean, it'll have an end, but I won't quit on it. Oh! And thank you so much for that heads-up. I confused the character names because I am starting another story and the people have the same appearances almost, but their names are different. But, I changed it. Hooray replace chapter! Oh, thanks again everyone, and happy reading!-BluSkye
11/12/2005 c6 Longing for Llangarlia
wow you updated! i'm so happy that you did because i thought that you wouldn't bother to finish this! this is a good chappie but i got confused at the end because it seemed like you changed the names from Nate to Chris and from Brooke to Nia. ? maybe i was reading wrong perhaps? but all in all this is really good and please DO continue! update soon!
11/12/2005 c6 gonnabefamous
Heck yes this is a good story please update soon. I would have fallen for Nate a long time ago!
8/22/2005 c4 wonderfinch
i like your story, but the way you present it is so confusing... i'm sure you know what's going on, but can you please try and make it a little easier to digest for your readers?
7/2/2005 c5 156ShadowPharoh
i love you too! ^_^ anyway, awesome chapter. i cant wait to read more.

6/18/2005 c1 ANON
6/9/2005 c4 Biene
I'm so damn glad for Chris and Brooke! Finally, he asked her out. But why do I have the feeling that there is one of heck of a surprise waiting around the corner?
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