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for The Pope is Dying

11/11/2006 c1 54Andrew Joshua Talon
Hey, relax. You speak what you want and it's all good. I too am a Christian-Not Catholic-but the Popes have always been an inspiration to me (aside from the corrupt ones, but what office didn't have them). Pride in one's faith and culture are all the more important in the face of this current world crisis.
12/31/2005 c1 Sophie Ulquiorra Allen
Although I didn't agree with most of his beliefs, I still say that it was sad when he died. Cute little poem.
11/1/2005 c1 7Elphie Thropp
A bit choppy but a sweet message. Although I'm not Catholic or even a Christian, it was sad when the pope died. While I didn't agree with many of his beliefs he was a good man.
10/15/2005 c1 20Rosie Cotton of the Shire
I'm not Catholic, I'm Mormon, but I still feel that Pope John Paul was serving God as best as he knew how. I agree. Very beautiful. Hey, I'm a prose writer too. you do poetry better than I do. One compliment about it is that unlike a lot of young poets, you have a rhythm and a scheme.

This passage: "He is a symbol for world peace,

For the average person like you and me."

Is the only couplet that doesn't rhyme, and it's a tad-bit odd. Just a little mismatched, as the whole thing is in couplet form except for those two lines.

Good job though,


8/31/2005 c1 Olivia
While the poem is obviously the work of a beginner, that elementary element contributes somewhat to its charm. I also understand that you felt you needed to write this for "closure" or whatever other reason.

Let me just put this out there: I am a woman, and a protestant, but John Paul II made me wish women could be Pope so I could follow in his footsteps. He did a great lot for this world, and he lived his religion the way we all should; as a compassionate belief rather than a tool for political (or other) gain.
7/23/2005 c1 12akioni
Aww I like the pome and yes they really did die, to know the story look at my journal w.livejournal.com/users/akioni
7/10/2005 c1 27Hidden Lies
Great poem! Really great!
6/13/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
im not catholic, but its still nice
6/8/2005 c1 1InsomniacDahmer
Religious people make me hurt. The pope is NOT a symbol of peace. If you have any pride at all in your religion, you ought to know its history, and the fact that its path has largely been one of oppression, corruption, and large-scale murder. Not to say you shouldn't have pride in your faith, but try being an INFORMED Catholic before a devout one, okay? Much love
6/5/2005 c1 Sea Cadet Girl
I liked it. You may say you are not a good poet but I think you are only putting yourself down. Great poem!
5/29/2005 c1 His Only
Hey, you can so write poetry! I used to be like you. I mean I never wrote poetry, cuz I'm a writer, not a poet. But then I suddenly had like this inspiration to write a poem about Jesus (which you reviewed and I was veryy greatful to recieve. Aww your so sweet!) the night before Easter. I guess the Pope's death got you to write this. It was very touching, and although I am not Catholic and didn't really agree with the Pope or whatever, I know it's gotta be hard to loose a religious leader. So hugs for you! You have an excellent way of getting your emotions across. This was amazing and I LOVED your rhyming. I don't know why i just love poems with rhyming and this was exceptionally good! Great work! Keep it up!
5/26/2005 c1 9Known as me
for someone who doesn't right poems, this is pretty good. I give it... A-. I can give you a few pointers on poem writing for future reference if you like.
5/22/2005 c1 40sweetxinsincerity
I thought it was really good, and I liked the last line a lot. it might've been even better if it was longer, but it's fine just as it is. Dont be so hard on yourself and say you think ur a bad writer cuz ur not, ur a great writer! oh and by the way thanks so much for the reviews, they made me so happy! :)
5/22/2005 c1 14method acting
Lovely ending. So sad. Good job.
5/17/2005 c1 120Siterp
eh...its a pretty good poem. as nice a man as john paul may have seemed in the eyes of those who followed him, he unfortunately led a religion that, like many other religions, did not promote acceptance of all the different people on this planet(ex:gays). and that, i'm afraid, does not symbolize world peace. without religion, and yes, without ppl like the pope, there would be much less fighting b/w the ppl of this country, as well as b/w ppl all around the world. y did the pope die? because he was an old man, no different from the rest of the old ppl all around the world. btw, thnx for the review -cya whenever
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