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for Avery Susan Sanders is not an Ass

12/28/2017 c39 Feels
Really enjoyed this story. My favourite on fp just wished there was more of Avery and Jack’s actually dating. I love how they understood each other without having to completely open it.
4/30/2017 c30 Guest
I rx
6/19/2016 c39 1my princess ending
I need more Jack and Avery! (There was a little too much of Colin and Avery.) I love their witty comments and come backs towards each other. I love when they get mushy with love. I love when both of them are too stubborn for their own good. But most of all, I love the relationship between the two because it's so laid back but they have no problem being serious about a topic. I love that they understand each other so well and always think the best for the other. I'm so glad that in the beginning, Avery did not fall for Jack right away and that Jack did not pester Avery because he may have feelings for her, but instead respected Colin and didn't make a move on her even though his actions after Colin cheated and they got back together is a little skeptical since they were flirting and building a bond. I love that it's not that type of cliché mess. The development was there and it was fun to read.

Even though I wish I knew what happened between Kayla and Brandon, I know they're going to be fine. I love that this somewhat epilogue tied up a few loose ends (except for the one regarding Jasmine and Pete). But you also didn't address the issue of Jack's dad having a dislike for Avery after they started dating. I'm sure his opinion will change about her and if it doesn't then Jack will take care of it but it's unsettling to have such open ended issues; issues that can make them break up! Oh no. But I'm not evil so they will have a happy ending. Thank you for writing this story Justice! I really enjoyed it.
6/18/2016 c36 my princess ending
YES YES YES. FINALLY. Honestly, it had taken way too long because Avery clearly started to feel something for Jack after Colin cheated on her because she kept going to Jack to talk. I'm pretty sad to have missed the part when Jack found out he likes Avery but it was definitely so satisfying to hear him not deny it when he was talking to Brandon.
6/18/2016 c23 my princess ending
What the hell is Jack doing? If Avery ends up with Colin, I will flip shit. He is such a cheater! Once a cheater, always a cheater. And how is Jack going to let that just happen? He knows and even said Avery doesn't deserve this betrayal. WHAT THE HELL
6/18/2016 c14 my princess ending
I'm actually very happy Colin did not show up because it was about time that Jack and Avery got their romance going on! Colin is a good boy but him and Avery are too good to be true. There needs to be someone that taints Avery's purity and Jack seems like a great candidate! Also, I had a bad feeling about Avery's mom. As much as I wish she truly were clean, addiction is not that hard. Especially when Avery just gave her $60 which she could've spent on drugs. Oh, I hope I'm wrong about this hunch.
3/5/2016 c39 1thejadem
loved it!
2/20/2016 c27 Anon
annnnnnnnd now I'm glad that she isn't going to be Colin.

Good chapter, I'm glad to hear more of Kayla :)
2/20/2016 c19 Anon
Nooooooo, I liked this new Kayla
2/20/2016 c6 Anon
I know Jack and Avery are going to end up together but I can't help but hope that it'll be Colin!
2/20/2016 c3 Anon
Lol, first rule of customer service is don't argue with the customer or accuse them of being cheap.

Your writing style is great but your main character is ridiculously annoying.
2/20/2016 c2 Anon
So she isn't the type to judge on looks but she is the type to judge on perceived status?
2/20/2016 c1 Random Anon
Why is she so judgmental?
12/18/2015 c37 Strange dawn
The Pete/Avery relationship might actually be my favorite of the entire story.
12/17/2015 c29 Strange dawn
Hmmm... I'm not sure about Jack's dad taking away the scholarship. It seems pretty unrealistic and illegal. Liked the break up though- that seemed very them!
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