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4/5/2005 c1 34scorchingray
this is good. i like the way its written. keep on writing!
4/4/2005 c1 deleteaccount89
Thank you, i have to say all poems for friendship i like, i liked this one
4/4/2005 c1 1DamascusDragon
Woah woah woah. Ashwags is MOVING? When did this happen?
4/4/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
AW... ^^ Sweet~~ makes 'me' want to cry... Great job on this!

keep writing!
4/2/2005 c1 jellybeanjohnny
is ashwags a girl?
4/2/2005 c1 91Sagaciouspnay
Aw...such a tearful poem to read. I hope you and your Ashwags stay close. I liked the poem very much. I'm sure she/he (really can't tell by Ashwags..) will be delighted to read this.
4/2/2005 c1 42Emmytastic gal
cool... good job. keep it up. please check out my poems when you get a minute.

write on,-Em
4/2/2005 c1 120hypocrite extrodinare
love is teh powerful! I get this... its happened to me and my love... but yea... tis lurvely!

~loves from teh lil vampire on the funeral pyre~
4/2/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
"Ashwags", very random... or perhaps not to you... Thanks for the review. Nice poem.
4/2/2005 c1 Wistera
Argh. I have this super-strong urge to go explode the whole of North Carolina now. Only I can't think of a way to do it without harming people. And...yeah.

::nod-nod:: I agree with the poem completely. 100% And it' great poem too. ^^

::debates showing poem to mom:: No, she wouldn't like the first few lines... meh. You know my opinion on that.

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