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3/18/2008 c11 Lost-Desolation
*sniff* *sniff* Update? More than a year now...

I'm in the process of re-reading this, Love and Hate and Stalker. And praying for an update with each one...

ganbatte ne
2/21/2008 c11 4bamHALT
i hope that you're consdiering finishing this, the cliffhanger is killing me...
3/21/2007 c11 empath89
so sry that i haven't reviewed before. but you haven't updated in a long while too. i loved this (and the previous chapter). vince is so cute. and the end of the chapter made me melt. they're all so cute. i find i don't like dominic at all. richard's amazing tho. i hope that things get better for you...

11/16/2006 c11 Kura-sama
Gah, Amanda is so ... gah! Bitch doesn't even start to describe her. Well, I sure hope she's getting what she deserves. Hope to read more soon ^^
9/27/2006 c11 13Little Artemis
I read, just had to back track since it's been soo long. But Jinny, I've missed you. Hopefully you remember me.

Love, Arty
9/25/2006 c11 20Darkladyknight
Hey I still read, and I still love it! And I'm sure alot will be happy to see this updated too. It's still great, and still agsty. man what a thing for Vicent to do! sweet though, I seriously had to pause to keep from crying. No use frying the laptop by crying on it! LOL.

As for how this is going, it's great, some errors, but otherwise great! I can hardely wait to see where it's going. And even though I've said this alot, I just want you to know, that I still mean it. Should you need help, or would like to work with me and Destin and Armand, please let me know. I love working with you, you know that.


Ps. glad to see you back after the absent.
3/17/2006 c10 Laurena
why haven't you updated in so long? its been forever, its kinda freaky..like what if you died, and you left all of your stuff unupdated, and ppl reviewed...but you couldnt reply *shiver*
12/21/2005 c10 1Serialcode A
Okay, so like, my heart feels like it's going to just HOP right out of my mouth right now and do a dance on my keyboard. Blonde=Armand? Hm. I think. I forget what he looked like. Blah. BUT YES. KILL KYLE. Um, I hope you don't mind but it was kind of obvious he did something right off the bat. I mean, at first I wasn't sure WHAT he did, but the fact that he hadn't been FOUND was like "OMG GUILTY". And then when Vincey-poo was raped I was like 'OMAGOIFHGKYLE" XD You're an awesome writer.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm actually enjoying this one more than "Stalker". Perhaps it's the fact that this revolves a lot around actually trying to figure out what happened, instead of it being handed to you on a silver platter with the words "HI! I'M COLIN AND I RAPE MY LITTLE BROTHER ALMOST EVERY NIGHT!" written on it in glowing letters of neon pink. Yeah. Um. Right.

But anywho. Let me just say that Christian needs to hop to it and have hot passionate man sex on a desk in the precinct with Wes already before I rip someone's head off. Of course, it wouldn't be either of theirs, since their heads are rather important... But you understand. And good golly GOSH what's going to happen to Vincent and Frank? Sheesh, it's almost as bad as waiting for Chris and Wes, except that Frank and Vincent have a better chance of actually hooking up and us KNOWING than Chris and Wes. Speaking of the delightfully straight-as-a-circle couple, would you mind if I wrote a story using Chris and Wes? Since you're so wrapped up in every other pairing you've managed to come up with, I would be honored if you'd let me. Note that I'm grinning evily as I plot what I'd do to the poor guys. Honestly. I have no shame, really.

But back on topic... er, sort of. What's up with you and using the same characters multiple times? In multiple roles? I mean, you've got Vincent A, who's a psychic psycho (ha, I love illiteration) who's going to end up GOD KNOWS WHERE since you're not updating that anymore (and poor Ben will never know if he'll get to have sex with Vincent again... or maybe I'm the one most affected by that) and then you've got Vincent B, the poor victim of rape by KYLE (raruhgsauirhg -anger-) who may or may not have a crush on Frank and is most certainly not psychic. Then you have Richard A, who may or may not be gay with Aaron, and seems a lot colder than Richard B, who is nearly the same person in this story, minus the gay part. Then Jon, whose name changed to John for some of this story before reverting back, which confused me, who had very little air-time so I don't KNOW if he's gay, and then the other Jon, who's in love with the most adorable little guy ever (I really do like Nathan, actually). And NATHAN. Arg, you turned him into an old police cheif dude! Ach! Why?

...Actually, I kind of like that you use the same characters. I got to know them really well. Didn't have to refer back to anything to describe them up in the previous paragraph. Yay!

You know, I really feel like there's more I should say, but I forgot it after having to stop and go to the bathroom. Heh. I apologize for the length; this always happens when I review. Oh well. I do hope you'll update more; this story really intrigues me.

Oh and don't hesitate to e-mail me if I can steal Christian and Wes for a bit. My e-mail is in my profile. Thanks for reading and thanks for providing me with WONDEFUL entertainment!

12/20/2005 c10 13Little Artemis
Great to know that your still my beta. YOu shoulb be getting a chapter from me by about January. We've been working around my house so I don't have much time.

B.T.W. I love this story as much as I love Stalker ;)
12/20/2005 c10 Lelli
This is awesome so far honey. Keep it up and I hope everything is going well for you now. Be safe and all that good stuff... Luv ya, Lelli
12/18/2005 c10 empath89
luv it! the court 'scene' was amazing! update soon...and yes maybe you should put some in the end! hugs...empath
12/18/2005 c10 20Darkladyknight
Another chapter done, and close to the end. I'm glad you got this posted, cause I was wondering how you would tie all of it in.

I like the trail so far, letting us know what each person is kind of doing, poor Vincent though, it breaks my heart on that. But he's got a good support sytem.

Looking forward to the next chapter
12/17/2005 c10 2Gayle of Genisis
I love it I have never read a more interesting trial. I can't wait for the second half.
12/17/2005 c10 10afk
umm... right i knew that!
12/17/2005 c10 9Rosemarykiss
Nice, you are really on a roll now, can't wait to see your chapter 11(^_^)
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