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3/13/2006 c8 17Lady of romance world88
Poor Charm! I think she's shocked about it. I wonder if Aaron and Charm will be end up together in end? What happen if he's better and she left? Will he going to love her back? Does Charm start fall for him? Hurry update soon.
11/13/2005 c8 17Mini May
EVIL YOUR EVIL...it may or may not be the two main characters...PLAIN EVIL...lol..it was an interesting chapter though..it was awfully sweet...she is risking her own safty to stay with aaron and make sure he's okay...not much of anything sweeter than that...but anwyas update soon!
7/14/2005 c7 17Lady of romance world88
Hey!Wow!Aaron had handle dangerous mission himself and end up he's survive. I hope he will be okay. Poor Charm. Be frightened of alone. I gladly Tony cared for her. Hurry update soon.
7/11/2005 c7 The 2nd Mrs de Winter
Wow! I just found your story and I think it's really great! I love it, even though I do hate the name Charm, every time I see it I think of the lucky charms leprechaun . . .

Well, back to your story. I love Aaron's character. He is so tough, guarded and also kind. Charm is great too. She even though so many bad things have happened to her, she still seems so sweet and innocent. Your whole story is very dark and mood invoking. I jus love it. So far your story really reminds me of the beginning of 'The Professional' with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. Have you seen that movie because I think you would really like it?

And yes this chapter was VERY dramatic! I mean Aaron was shot and Charm is crying over he bleeding body for God's sake. If that isn't drama, I don't know what is.

Well, I hope that you update soon!

7/11/2005 c7 52SKATENaked-BlindReaper
I loved how they just talk about him gettin stabbed and shot casually at the end. like "oh happens all the time. he's just taking one for the team" that gave the chapter a nice light hearteded touch. And I'm happy to hear that the romance is coming along.
7/10/2005 c7 17Mini May
hey niice job! i love it. It keeps gettin interesting, i cant wait untill they hook up! update soon!
6/28/2005 c6 2NomadicWriter
lol i love it. keep up the great work.-Kate xoxo
6/21/2005 c6 2FireBad.TreePretty
omgomgomg update did aaron get shot? update soon!
6/19/2005 c6 52SKATENaked-BlindReaper
I liked this chapter, but it was a bit confusing. And it was short. But I'm happy you updated it. And I liked the whole connection between Aaron and Charm. They click and I liked that in a story. Now I want sum romance. Lol. Good Job, can't wait for another update.
6/18/2005 c6 17Mini May
NICE i like it a lot, nice work! its great...keep up the good work and get a new chapter posted soon
6/1/2005 c5 2NomadicWriter
lol no problem i make that mistake alot because its so different when your writing it - i loved this chapter and can't wait to read more please update soon - i wish that they would talk to each other lol haha! aaron sounds mean but thats understandable.update soon love it.-Kate xox
5/30/2005 c5 52SKATENaked-BlindReaper
i liked this. and I'm starting to really like CHarm's character. Shes cute and shes mature, but still kind of child like
5/29/2005 c5 19lengg
NICE story, the first part a little like the echo, did you watch it? Anyway, the overall is pretty good..
5/29/2005 c5 lilsakura
good story! Just Out of curiosity, how many chapters do u think this'll have in the end? newayz update soon svp!
5/29/2005 c1 Nichole L. Andrews
Great detail.
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