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for Immortalis Letum

2/27/2006 c1 20VirgilKane ismyname
I never tire of reading this. 'Tis filled with lethal goodness.
1/8/2006 c1 2Jay Taylor
Wow. Intense. I'm not surprised this is published.
4/30/2005 c1 10Professor Smith
Woah. Deep. I liked it.
4/7/2005 c1 3Boom Kitty
Intense. I think that summed it up nicely. But honestly, that was an amazing short story. A bit like Groundhog Day, but evil and dark. I liked how you hadn't explained everything, but a little more of an explanation towards the end would've cleared a few things up, like his wife and her brother hunting him down. Still, incredible story!
4/6/2005 c1 1DamascusDragon
This goes on my favorites list.

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