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8/8/2005 c1 18Karmachanic
WONDERFUL! I clap for you. I love the way you have made this sort of humorous and interesting/fun to read, but you still manage to tell the deeper meaning. I am very(jealous)impressed. Great use of italics! Guardians, I LOVE italics.
4/26/2005 c1 120hypocrite extrodinare
...I go through this every day... and my joints are aching and Im only 13... Such is the life of a traveling charmer...
4/7/2005 c1 7braggart
I really like the use of parenthesis here. Without a doubt, they give a poem that extra oomph when used correctly. I also like how "normal" this poem is. I don't know if that's a good word use, but it's just very mellow and quietly affecting. That said, I felt that the last two lines could've been a bit stronger. I enjoyed this, so good job.
4/7/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
We can all relate to this. I love the touch of adding the lines in parenthesis, there's this nice parallel thought going on. I like much. :)

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