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for Heartbreak

9/25/2005 c1 7K. T. Wood
...and the cycle continues. I really enjoyed this. Very powerful start. Wonderful. (You conveyed the emotion very well)
8/1/2005 c1 1Parfume
Imagine how it feels to be the person having the broken heart...instead. I like your poem a lot! It's so realistic and the words you used works with the mood of the poem. Great job! Haha, since you asked us to compare this poem with your other one, I'll go do that. =)
4/16/2005 c1 4recreated
o! I like this one! It's so powerful! I mean, Bulimia was really good too, I liked it a lot but this one just hits home. I could feel everything you were saying. It makes a lot of sense. And I loved the ending.

A new start, a new day-a new man. I really liked that because even though it was happy and uplifting it also had a tint of irony to it. Like even after all the pain guys put us through, we keep going back for more until we find the right one. And that means we have to face heartbreak to find love.

Oh I really like this one. I love it. So yeah. wow. brilliant.
4/12/2005 c1 cyn hi
this about the ur latetest review u gave me .no its not about a guy from bloody spain ok? (its mexico AND dont n e ideas)and no im not obsessed get it? NOT OBSESSEDu and the geek patrick was obsessive ok? see the difference! plus u dont no wat ur talking about AND no im not going to take my poem thing off coz...IM NOT OBSESSED!plz stop with the 'ur obsessed' coz IM NOT!

bye from 'not obsessed'


p.ss to n e 1 who reads this b4 'sam the bear' plz excuse..or ignore my ... 'not obsessed convo' ^^;; its personal
4/10/2005 c1 Q-pidj-lee

sorta the same as b4 i think the others a bit better den dis one dough .nice try amanda ...'she sat down and cry' should be she sat down and 'cryed' that part sorta wreaks it coz u can tell u tryed to rhyme it ,it also stops the flow of ur poem

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