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3/27/2010 c6 12Caleb Kruspe
Okay um wow. A bit-o-boy-fluff, standing up to A* 'friends' and trying to make things right. Now that's a rollercoaster ride of what's gonna happen next.
3/19/2010 c3 Caleb Kruspe
Hm, very very interesting. Now I've gotta read on to see how it plays out between Adam and Gavin.
5/15/2008 c10 4an-array-of-starlight
Good, good. Lots of lemons. :P
2/10/2008 c10 kiki
please update!
10/6/2007 c6 11MlleKathy
Lol omigosh.. I had no idea that you had the same name for your characters. :) Just know that I got the name, "Gavin" from my nephew, I like that name so I chose it lol.. And how weird, Adam is Elliot's middle name. XDD I got that from my cousin, I get most of the names for my characters from family members. "Ethan" is my half-brother.

Whelp! Thanks for reading my story, I really like this one! I like how you write, I need to slow down a bit on my storys things change so fast XD I just can't wait to get all the mysteries solved. Thanks anyway! -Kathy
7/15/2007 c10 2mia5081
I love the story so far, and was wondering if you ever plan on finishing it. Please? lol

Update soon!

5/2/2007 c10 Rubedo Jr
I have to say, I find it...difficult to do my work when my inspiration is lacking. And now that I'm on my last week before finals, I could really use some reassuring...but my favorite story hasn't been updated in so long...gah!
1/5/2007 c10 Shun Arima
Hey goofball... They copywrited it to YOU. Not to their site. They're doing you a favor, no one can steal and reproduce your work without getting in trouble since fictionpress is protecting you w/ the copywrite. Pleas update soon.
12/9/2006 c10 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update.
12/5/2006 c10 Jess
© Copyright 2005 Esquirella (FictionPress ID:241472). All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of Esquirella.

Isn't that what you meant? I see it, does it not appear on your comp?
11/12/2006 c10 total vintage
11/9/2006 c9 10komodo dragon
Is that it? Please say no! You have got to update!
11/4/2006 c5 5paputsza
you're so human...
11/4/2006 c2 paputsza
Every once in a while, i scroll up just to see if it's /really/ rated M. And then I squeal in joy when i discover that it is!
10/4/2006 c9 3Anti-Socialite
You just stop posting chapts on this one then? Huh well ok it would be nice to know the rest but you more things I suppose.
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