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6/2/2017 c21 ShyKittyCat
My favorite line in a song would probably be "But everyone you look up to, is really as fucked up as you" and 2nd being "Fill you with terror and crush you, pretend they care as they shove you" Both being from the song Pain by Hollywood Undead. :D
10/7/2015 c25 kenzi
Love it or hate it?
girl, This is so good and all, BUT SERIOUSLY,WHAT IS UP YOU AND CLIFFIES?!
But loved it.
9/16/2015 c33 annayh44
OH MY GOD ! I srsly never thought they would become actually Rock Band haha They were really mess at first or if I correct till last chapter . jee that drive crazy xD but Finally they finally are together and my god THEY WILL MARRY Wooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! *jump up & down* They were never perfect but when got together I realised how perfect they are ! muaaah muaaaah muaaah Lief I love you yeah yeah I know you love Sen so I guess Indy or Ryder xD Toby and Vogue I got little suspicious about them but yeah that was shocking news xDD
8/30/2015 c33 justme
so yeah. leif sucks bacause he's such a freaking asshole. i wonder why sen didnt realize the fact that he has no right to interfere with her love life. i thought he made it clear that they're just friends? i most certainly did not get why these two are so like that. why the freaking hell did leif demanded for an apology?
8/24/2015 c33 jusrme
This is like, the MOST CONFUSING story I have ever ever read! I mean, I thought I dont like it starting from the time where Leif got so mad at her because she slept with you-know-who and Sen feels completely at the wrong. Well, I wish I could've told her that she is NOT in the wrong. It's not like she's cheating on Leif or something. He doesn't own her duh she's not even his girlfriend. AND there had never been any hints that he liked her so! Didn't anyone realise that he DOES NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO GET MAD?d Sen did not commit a sin on h. I mean, before that moment he's just like, "
8/14/2015 c1 Guest
This has gotta b d most amazing fic have ever read...can't stop reading over and in all,nice one and keep it up...
7/18/2015 c33 1whiplashx
Oh my god, I loved this story!
Being a goth/emo myself, I thought you portrayed everyone pretty well... .
I really thought this was amazing! The last chapter had me near tears, while the epilogue had me cheering! This is definitely one of my faves!
5/13/2015 c23 unlit-bandit
Indy is my fav and the only one I was able to love effortlessly from the very start. He is my cinnamon bun tree boy
5/13/2015 c24 Guest
I literally called Indy my tree boy a couple chapters ago and now he's up a tree this is gold
5/13/2015 c19 Guest
Indy is my fav and the only one I have been able to love effortlessly from the start. He's like my little cinnamon bun tree boy
5/7/2015 c26 Guest
Lol Sen is such a slut. She makes sooo many excuses for herself. Like dude if she's like that everytime Leif says something nasty to poor little her then she'd have probably fucked the whole town or any man who'd console her and then pretend like she's the goody goody girl she is crying and begging for forgiveness after she's done the deed. Gosh she's like one of those naive girls who everyone thinks can do no wrong and when she does they all just forgive her when she starts reasoning out that she wasn't "thinking straight". What a fucking poor excuse of all the sluts in the world. Oh please any guy could kiss her and she'd have a taste of them first before pulling away, or sometimes she'd have a taste of them first then think whether it's worth it or not and then kiss them some more, and then stop cause she's had her fill. What a whore this lead character is. Poor excuse for a friend. Who would fuck or even merely kiss the man their best friend's in love with just cause she's upset? No decent friend would. and she isn't.
6/30/2014 c33 Alixah
5/8/2014 c33 6Myght Dyno
Excuse my language here but...FUCK I so fucking wish I signed up when you first released it and I LOVED EVERY CHAPTER!
4/29/2014 c33 voidxtiles
I really love this story so much. I learned to appreciate goths more and learn that people shouldn't be judged by what they wear and hang out with. I really hated the ending though. The thing you said there about disregarding the epilogue? I MEAN WHO WOULD WANT THAT? I SWEAR I WOULD BE HEARTBROKEN IF THE EPILOGUE WAS NOT THERE. Lol love the epilogue tho. Btw, what's Vogue's real name? Did you mention it in the story? I don't recall you doing so. But now, what I really want is a hot, gorgeous, drool-worthy gothic boyfriend. XD There aren't much goths in my school, in fact there's only one. I really want to be a goth when I'm older :). But no make up for people my age in my school. :( Oh, and the thing I also like about this story is that I learned how life really is. In my school there are no cliques, goths and nerds aren't shunned. But there are bullies, of course. This girl tried to turn all the people against me just because her boyfriend liked me. What happened to all the stories you mentioned you had in your Author's Notes? Punk Is the New Black? I'd really love it if you post more stories with goths because its different from all the other stories I've read. Different in a good way, of course. Oh and I always imagined Leif as Adam Lambert. I'm not sure if he's actually a goth, but he wears black a lot and he's super hot with eyeliner. XD he's also one of my favorite artists. :) Post more stories please! But I doubt you would because the last time you even updated SATY was 2007. I doubt you'd even read this. Are you still alive? I'm just wondering. :)
2/19/2014 c30 oh no again
haha don't worry. I love you hahahaha
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