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for Northern Exposure

10/11/2005 c3 2Tipper Rose
What a great story! I like the characters, they seem very interesting. I'm sure you will send them on a great adventure and I can't wiat to go along for the ride.

...puts in author alert list
9/24/2005 c2 1kc-ramone88
I really enjoyed this story so far, the character interaction is great. I can't wait for more!
4/15/2005 c2 kay
Wow this story was really nicely written. I can't wait to read more!
4/14/2005 c2 3Great-Enchantress
Great story so far. I really like the interactions between Dempsey and Patrick- very twin-like. I am looking forward to an update, because I want to see what Audrey is like, and I really like all the characters in a different way. They are all very different themselves, and I find this very nice. Too many times authors here write about the exact same people, just different names. However, I am really enjoying the differences in these characters.

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