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8/6/2007 c22 6naningxoxo
oh gosh, i started crying and a pain in my chest welled up after i read that chapter...
8/2/2007 c2 4slee5133
i'm a bit confused about the royal family. who is who? and why don't some of them have last names? why was nicholas announced first when he is neither youngest or oldest. and is his name nicholas or ryan? cause i'm really confused with that.
7/27/2007 c28 12theyStoleMyPenName

so IS the girlriend dead?

ryan has i BAD. and he's so pitiulright now, u should make lee chase him in the end;p vindication!

keep up!

7/26/2007 c28 1Twinkle Star Bell
Quite surprised I was when you did kill of those three. I was kind of getting attached to them. I did catch that line that Lee said and I was like yes yes...no! When she didn't say it. Dang it. I think I know who did the car bombing! hehe. Well update soon this story is quite good. I understand Lee's situation and think she's acting exactly as she should.
7/24/2007 c28 1chic rebel
oh m gee! they're going separate ways. it hurts to see both of them all depressed. hope it gets resolved soon.
7/18/2007 c28 gonnabefamous
OMG...what a time to have "the talk"...jeez, you would think that ryan would have a little more finesse. Yes I was attached to her sibilings...you're mean. But I'm sure it'll prove to be necessary. Can't wait for more. and congrats on the nomination! You deserve it.
7/16/2007 c10 1PeterMoore
luv it!
7/15/2007 c28 Inky-Angel
Yeah, not cruel or sick my arse.

But whatever. I suppose I could let you live for a little while longer... =P
7/14/2007 c28 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
the tension
7/14/2007 c28 7Randomisation
really enjoying this! gr8 writing please continue!
7/14/2007 c28 13Tenshistar
The story keeps getting better and better. I love it. Would you like cookies or pie with your ice cream?
7/13/2007 c28 Aragorn is mine
OMG she's back in Aussieland! Yay! I feel so sorry for Ryan though, I mean poor guy... he's got it bad. Well erm update son! OMG last day of the holidays besides weekend and staff development day and i have done NOTHING not one damn piece of work! argh! I am going to fail all of my exams! So i should stop reading adn get back to it. Good luck with your exams and UPDATE! Ooh It'd be really cool if you came up with another story! After exams offcourse. Oh you don't do bio? It's not bad I mean year 12 bio's all human stuff so it's all cool and I'm definetely gonna continue, it's easy and not that challenging but it's pretty cool. The reason I asked is cause I have this bio workbook right and it's like for curriculums all over Australia and like yeah it'd be extremely weird if you had it and I'm just plain weird in general as to why I asked you. Anyways update!
7/12/2007 c28 4britty-tt
Im at my grandparents house so i finally got to check my updates (i had about 30 of them) and the first i looked for was yours. I was happy that you had updated!

As always this chapter just left me wanting more. They died in a car bomb? Well that makes things more interesting, and explains why they are died.
7/12/2007 c28 2amo angel324
please update this it is so good! good but sad. i love it
7/12/2007 c28 2EnchantedKorean
hey...awesome chapter! i'll totally vote for you once i get the chance! haha...i'll be waiting until lee finally realizes that she too loves ryan...:)
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