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7/12/2007 c28 ryunekokyo-too lazy to sign in
tis me sara from previous chapters. nice carbomb scenario. i am wondering if the stalker found out lee's real family's whereabouts. interesting. i can't wait to find out more. i remember learning about bombs and other explosives in my intro to forensic science class. it was pretty awesome. well not in the whole killing people aspect, but you know what i mean. well can't wait for more. i want to know the ending. this stalker better be some bad ass dude.
7/11/2007 c28 7gulistala
OMG! *SQUEE* It got nominated! This so deserved to. haha.

As for the chappie- Lee! You could at least tell Ryan how you feel so that you haven't got another thing bugging you! Damn. Her family is dead. That stalker dude that wanted kill Ryan or whoever is the one who did that. Git. I seriously can't wait till the next chappie!

Till then, keep up the good work!

Your faithful reader and reviewer,

7/11/2007 c28 Ye
No! How could this happen? They were having happy moments. I say that another update is in order so that I can find out what happens and get sleep and night instead of wondering what's happening with Lee and Ry. Good luck with the writing. Update soon, remember, my sleep depends on it. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
7/10/2007 c28 2Heartless Writer

Is all I have to say.

Do continue!
7/10/2007 c28 4Lalaith7
but what about Ray's girlfriend, wasn't she with them. I mean I thought she was only going out with Ray because his sister was suddenly famous, but I didn't think she was evil and the only reason I can think she would've survived was if she were in on the bombing...
7/10/2007 c28 Raging Libra
Hmm...ok, their deaths make sense now. I'm thinking they've been found out by the stalker guy and the little girlfriend was a spy. Or something like that. Anyway, update soon!
7/10/2007 c28 10cherrypiesizzle
That was really good...wow, I wonder what's going to happen now?
7/10/2007 c28 unconnected14
OMG. That was so sad. I can't imagine losing so many people that are close to me at the same time. Great chapter though. Update soon!
7/10/2007 c28 1ind-fam
tragic ending? nice story though.

keep writing...
7/10/2007 c28 1violet-eyez
aww she can't be with him
7/10/2007 c28 5Skeptic-Critic
Why did you start introducing her family and their lives if you already knew you were going to kill them? My only consolation is that I was right...It wasn't a natural car crash...

Blast...I wish she wasn't quite so pig-headed...I just really feel sorry for Ryan...

I saw the nomination...Congrats...As soon as voting starts (sometime after July 15th) I'll be sure to vote for you (just in case there was any doubt)...Very excting thing really...

If you're doing a sequel (or thinking about it) does that mean that everything's not going to be resolved (the way you know we want it all resolved)?
7/10/2007 c28 greenbean
it was really good. update soon.
7/10/2007 c28 AliKitKat
oh my God. Poor Ryan. That's really all I can think right now. Well, poor Lee too. But she was so silly about Ryan. Clearly they're meant to be.
7/10/2007 c28 Alenor
i can't believe she left him behind! ahh well, i suppose grief has addled her wits. can't wait for more though ~ Alenor.
7/10/2007 c28 1Lil Bazza
It's 12:30 in the morning and I'm about to embark on writting a review. I apologise in advance. I'm all hyped up though. Two reasons. 1) I just saw Transformers again - there are some really awesome moments in that movie, and others are just cringe-worthy. And 2) I was bolded. I love being Bolded. It makes me feel special.

They didn't kill Lee's family to get her out of the country did they? Because if they did, they were very clever and they succeeded. Seems like a really horrible way to go (although, there could be worse). I'm still in shock that they are dead (but I like that you've stuck to your original storyline. Its really great, and really inspiring!).

You're killing me with what Lee's doing, or not doing, or whatever, to Ryan. The poor boy. And they both have a point, I mean, Lee's world is collapsing, but then Ryan needs her to know, because she'll never listen to him otherwise. And damn, I hope she goes back. I mean, you can't end this story with them on opposite sides of the world can you? Can you? That would be horrible and mean (unless it's a very satisfactory ending, in that case, it sounds brilliant... I can't believe I'm saying this).

Sequal? I hope it's not Ryan/Lee and is based on one of the other characters. I dislike authors that ruin relationships between characters for a whole other story and you have to go through the drama again. But then, that could be because I'm impatient and I want them together NOW. Although, I can't wait to read whatever it is. You have a whole world to play with, with this Armed Guards. And by the sounds of it they could protect anyone! Who would I pick, if I had your creative genius? A rockstar... moviestar... really famous comedian? That could be really funny.

Anyway, I've said all that I think I want to say, and I really should go to bed. I hope the rest of your holidays are great, and your final term goes well. My last term of year 12 was brilliant (and if you do a bludgy arts degree like me next year at uni (should you go) you get six weeks winter holidays - that's almost the length of my high school's summer...). Good luck and all that. Till next time.


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