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7/10/2007 c28 1noriepie
whoa she's back! In Australia at her camp!

That prince is so...desperately sweet. lol.

I feel sorry about their situation, it's pretty sad. But we don't know what's the huge obstacle is, besides you know "now is not the time" thing.

But since you HAD to kill her family and what not, I trust that you've got it all planned out, so i can't wait what happens next!
7/10/2007 c28
okay, i didnt mean die Lee, i was just caught up in the moment and getting emotional. in that review there was actually about a billion o's after the no bit, but fictionpress doesn't show them.


i loved him. *sniff* i really loved him.

i think theyre not actually dead, it's all part of the evil plan to kill ryan.

update soon!


7/10/2007 c28 2muryoutaisuu
ryan is suffering greatly. hahhaha karma!

with lee's situation - very nicely executed

glad you didn't have the two 'live happily ever after' after the confessions. it'll be to bloody cliched if you did.

just a question bout the 'stalker-dude', is that problem ever gonna be resolved? or the guy even revealed? is it even a guy?

that is all.

happy holidays to you too.

7/10/2007 c28 4quotata
it was a car bomb? omg...

what are the chances this will be a happy ending? .
7/10/2007 c28 17I'll Be Your Fairytale
Oh update! But how could you make Lee do that to Ryan! Seriously! It's just cruel! The poor boy. Give him a huge huggle from me and tell it'll all be alright! Update again soon please hun!

Luv, I-B-Y-F, x
7/7/2007 c27 4britty-tt
It's so good to be able to read an Aussie story! I've read a few good ones on this site, but they seem to be very rare.

I love this story! I stayed up to 1am this morning to finish it, then couldnt get to sleep for another hour because I was thinking about it too much.

I love the plot, the characters, everything this story is amazing.

But I can't believe you killed them off! I had a sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomache that it was going to happen a few chapters back. I guess some part of me is still hoping it was a mistake or a very sick practical joke or something. But why did they all have to die? Poor Lee, she is going to be broken over it and i'm afraid not even Ryan can help her. How do you comfort someone who has just lost their whole entire family in a matter of minutes?

Anyways I'm still ranting, because I still can't believe it happened. Couldn't at least one of them have survived?

Ok I'm stopping now.

You haven't updated for almost a month and i would beg you for another update, but I can't believe you even get the time to write this story at all, being in yr 12 and everything. Didn't you say u were from Vic? Me 2, gippsland actually, which you probably would only know about because of the fires in the summer, nd the floods this last week. We have all the bad luck down here.

Anyways you have official got me hooked onto this story, I'm checking my emails every hour or so for an update even though i know one wont be there. I love this story and can't wait to read more. Please update soon! nd Keep up the great work!
7/3/2007 c27 21rosieroo
omgosh! this is so GOOD!

UPDATE IT QUICKLY! GET TYPING! wo- MY stomaches gone all tipsywipsy!
6/30/2007 c27 5Skeptic-Critic
Don't kill you? Why not? You just killed off her whole family! how could you kill them off right after you started actually including more of them in these past few chapters? Right when we started to get to know them and love them? Oh what cruel fate you've wrought!

Ok...Melodrama Me is over now...gosh...That was such an intense chapter...First he tells her he loves, she can't tell him she feels the same, he ignores her, then her family dies...Please tell me it's a ploy...Please tell me they're not really dead...Please...
6/30/2007 c26 Skeptic-Critic
*snickers to self* Covalent Bond...

SHE'S GOT IT! She finally realized..*starts prancing around the room saying 'she finally realized' in that annoyinig singsong voice that everyone hates* I'm so happy...More than happy really...I'm ecstatic...Although a little disappointed you cut off the scene right before we got to the good stuff...
6/30/2007 c25 Skeptic-Critic
How dumb can I be? I've done it again...I read this chapter goodness only knows when...

Alright so I was a little disappointed that it was just a letter and not a bomb or soemthing...That would've been so exciting...But also dangerous...ANd I don't really want ANYone dying so...

How on earth did you manage to remember that that specific ingredient was on Harry Potter's potion list? I only remember the really big stuff, like stuff he snuck in to steal...

Ok so I just happened to see(read: I was being nosy and looking at other people's responses...again)...Chem jokes? Please tell...I've only got one to tell...

Atom 1: I've lost an electron.

Atom 2: Are you sure?

Atom 1: I'm positive.

Heh heh heh...Yeah...That's pretty much the extent of my funny...Which is kinda sad...
6/29/2007 c27 LivingThroughMyWords
One word.


That's it. Keep going.
6/20/2007 c27 Inky-Angel
um... I hate you? You're cruel and sick? But it'll look really good to the press when he comforts her in her grief, and at least they're not fighting anymore. =\
6/20/2007 c27 12theyStoleMyPenName
a hint of anticipation in his voice. - is that constable legit?;p

lee should just fess up; and ryan is acting like prince charming. he really is the ideal guy, what with all his revenge thing.=p

if the family's dead, i suppose the girlfriend is too.

6/18/2007 c27 personwithaccount
:gasp: oh that is HORRIBLE. i so need the next chapter.
6/18/2007 c27 7Randomisation
oh mi god her poor family! poor lee. she was harsh to ryan very interesting chapter please continue!
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