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1/14/2007 c22 1Twinkle Star Bell
Gosh can he get any stupider! Giselle is a whore and Ryan is such a you know what. Gosh sometimes you just want to wack him upside the head. Such a loser anyway I really liked it and can't wait for the next update.
1/14/2007 c22 1Shake Hips Not Fists
Woah baby! Man, talk about not being able to keep your zipper up! Wow, I'm wondering if Ryan did that because he was drunk, because I'm kind of (more like really) pissed at (the fictional character) because his second brain took action. And man oh man, do I just want to shave that pretty hair off of Giselle. Well, I'm looking forward to the twist! :)
1/14/2007 c22 Erika
='( I hope she doesn't get into trouble with Kew and Harris for this...
1/14/2007 c22 3funkyfiction

Good chapter- dont worry about it being short, it was fine. Interesting actually. Ryan! Oh, poor Lee. She'll get him back- i hope!

Waiting for the next chapter,


ps; get the reference? ;P
1/14/2007 c22 13Tenshistar
oh, not cool ending. Very not cool. I'm going to stop before i rave myself into saying things not appropriate for normal reading. I still like the story, just the plot has me down. You know what i mean. I really do like your style. Here is pie. choose either whipped cream or ice cream. Show of goodwill and faith that i know(really actually hope) that the story will get better.
1/13/2007 c1 rollwithit
great way to start your story! this way, you give background information but not in a boring manner. great formatting as well haha
1/13/2007 c22 beavergirl13
Another great chapter... but so sad!

And with the Doctor Who DVD thing, they are fantastic (I got them for Christmas :D), so I would do whatever you can to get them.
1/13/2007 c22 2EnchantedKorean
aw...poor lee...i hope everything works out for lee & ryan...stupid men...can't keep those damn pants on, can they? haha...update soon!
1/13/2007 c22 2muryoutaisuu
""a leggy hypotamoose – Wentworth’s gay? I’ve never heard of that. Are you sure?""

wat? which wentworth? miller? frm a horrified trinh.


the story's going well-steady. frequent occurrence of climax points. the one in this chapter, i saw coming the minute they arrived at the party in the previous chapter. predictable-but that's just a result of watching/reading to much/many romance ficitons.

i can't seem to understand the current emotions that passes through Lee and Ryan...are they friends with mutual hatred flowing between them? or do they have actual FEELINGS for each other. the chapter after Eckeltricity put me more in a confused state. just wanted to tell ya that. you dont have to response to have to state the actual message you're trying to convey in the story. so just wanted to say all that.



1/13/2007 c22 12Life Love Sanity
hmm. so i dont like ryan that much anymore. jerk. giselle too. hm. yea i dont like her.

oh well.

keep writing! its lovely!
1/13/2007 c22 1chic rebel
i expected what she was going to find behind the door and everything but i think you did a good job with the suspense and everything. :D, update soon would ya, im jumping out of my seat to see what's going to happen. i love the title to the chapter by the way, it was perfect!
1/13/2007 c22 2Angel of Ink
Does Juliana's dad abuse her or something? Because it sort of seems like it. I dunno.

Ryan really, really screwed up, didn't he? What a loser...
1/13/2007 c22 Lena Niccolas
Aww. That was sad. But good, keep updating!
1/13/2007 c22 H
Amazing story..please update soon!
1/13/2007 c21 Captain Jack
Yes, it IS John Barrowman. And do you watch Torchwood, the Dr. Who spinoff with Captain Jack? It's really good.
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