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12/21/2006 c21 5The Neurotic Notebook
Hey, good chapter here. Just a few questions. You said that you want to finish this by the end of Year 12. Are you in Year 12 now? And what state do you live in? I'm kind of confused by the simple statement, coz I live in NSW and UAI just came out so Year 12 is over... sigh.
12/17/2006 c20 paprika
hey there! i really love your story! especially your writing style! the plot's very unique in its own way! and after searching in vain for good fics to read, i finally found a really really good one! you're a really good writer! and you're just 16 to boot! hope you write more stories and update soon haha=)

btw i'm gonna recommend this to my friends!(we're romance fics junkies x_x)
12/16/2006 c1 3Allison Smith
haha delayed response to chapter 20... I noticed someone else mention the Doctor Who reference and I was kind of wondering the same thing.

anyone seen Torchwood? yum can we talk about how great John Barrowman looks? oh god.

12/10/2006 c1 1chic rebel
please update. i want to see wat happens next. :D
12/10/2006 c20 17Susurrent Threnody
Cool. I like this. You had a very good idea when you came up with this. *applause*

It's very amusing.
12/8/2006 c20 linh trinh's lil sis
hey nikki!

very nice of ya : dedicating to my sis's wanted husband. but sadly she haven't read this story of yours. we've (me and her) have read the Rebound Ace one though - very interesting.

and truth be told; i was torn away from my bleach fanfics and couldn't resist the urge to read through all of this story. very...i dunno...feel good-for girls, fictional?

and yeah - i've enjoyed it very much.

i guess you've got a lot of this, but...please update more. soon. Please!

and yeah Cya.

12/8/2006 c1 flojo22811
update please!
12/4/2006 c20 beavergirl13
What a great story! It's fantastic to find one that's written by another Aussie, and such a good one at that...

By the way, was that a reference to Doctor Who there? Cause I saw the David Tennant, and the Bad Wolf... or have I just got that series on my mind?

Anyway, keep up the great writing...

12/4/2006 c20 2Destiny Violet
AHH! I just started reading this story and I am UBER addicted. I really like the idea of the armed guard and everyone is just so amazing! Please write soon I can't wait to read the next chapter.

11/23/2006 c20 1inconspicuous
Yo, Eina here
11/22/2006 c20 1monichi
Lovin' your story. Love it. It's going on my fav stories list for sure. And you're going on my fav authors list. Yeah. You rock.

Any chance u'll be updatin soon? Cause you haven't updated in like, a month. How often do you update?

But I understand writers have their own lives and we all have writers block sometimes. I'm sufferin a major one. Gah.

But yeah. Kind of ranting. But whatever. Ciao.
11/18/2006 c20 Klorfrosken
OK, so I was going to tell you how much I love you and your story; until I read the last line. You are EVIL, Evil I tell you!

but, other than the cliff-hanger thing I love it. Especially the part about nerds! I'm a nerd myself and have always said that nerds are the coolest people in the universe, but until now I haven't heard any other than my friends actually agree with me *big smile*

Update soon, I absolutely love your story, it's the one of the stories I'm reading whos update I'm looking forward to the most!
11/16/2006 c20 2NomadicWriter
wow your so lucky... year 12... is HARD! very very very hard so much work lol i have had no time to write since i came back and i have heaps of homework but decided since its friday im taking the night off woo! haha your lucky you havent started yet! i love this chapter Kisses everywhere! woo! lol! its soo good! your a fantastic writer and i cant wait to read more, hope that you'll write more soon!

-Kate xoxo

P.S- how sad is it about belinda emmett!
11/14/2006 c20 Naru
hahah hilarious
11/13/2006 c20 1dawn's unforgiving darkness


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