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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

11/10/2006 c20 6Rischel
Ah! I love your story. It is so original. Ryan makes me melt in my seat... -sigh- You portray the characters amazingly! Kudos for you! They kiss a lot... and Giselle is such a... I can't even think of a word that properly defines her! Ugh! Anyway, love ya story, love ya story, love ya story! Tee hee! ^_^

11/5/2006 c20 24ilovetheopera
For the record, the new format of FP isn't really. It's actually almost identical to Sad, isn't it? Great chapter. I liked the part where they had the conversation on email/msn/whatever.
11/4/2006 c20 1Kalypteina
My goodness! Every time I log back in and check in on your story I am ecstatic to see it has been updated! It gets better every single time and I want to congratulate you for your beautiful writing, expression, storyline, etcetera. I really like Lee's characters, and Ryan's too to say the truth. Thanks for being an awesome wirter, and please don't give the story up! I'd be crushed.

Greetings from France, Kaly
10/29/2006 c20 2pixie-girl-1231
Amazing. I love you story. I can't wait to find out what will happen with Giselle. Update soon!
10/26/2006 c20 7Shadow Claimer
yes,definitely one to make the senses slightly tipsy. bugger. can't think of a more creative word than cute. charming sounds sappy and enchanting sounds like i've just immersed myself in a magic book,besides being rather inappropriate. heck, loved this chapter. update more.

10/25/2006 c20 gonnabefamous
Oh Damn is someone in trouble or what! Lol I can't wait to see what happens next. I can understand why she hasn't opened up to him yet, because once you give someone a part of yourself, you never really get it back. Keep up the good work.

10/25/2006 c20 Aragorn is mine
Reality tv shows are GREAT for procrastinating! I would know. ANyways with the story- hm it's getting pretty interesting now ha? Giselle's acting like a TOTAL possessive bitch but it's sad to note that in reality people like her ACTUALLY exist. It makes me lose faith in the human race really... -shakes head-

So like is this story going to finish when Lee and Ryan admit their feelings to each other or will there be another bigger plot twist? Cause either sounds very appealing! lol

Yay my exams are ova! Me so happy! =] But- there's ALWAYS a but, I got sick JUSt when i finished exams so i was like sad. But anyways, yeah with the entire rambling about nothing thing debating is a good example or when you know when you're talkign to friends and like yoru mind drifts from the convo even when you're the one speaking and then suddenly you realise you've talked and then you find out that you were actually talking normally... liek your subconcious knows what to do or soemhting... scary... it happens in tests too... maybe it's just me...

Anyways yeah the new ficpress is GREAT, EXACTLY like fan fic so I'm happy about that =] There's also like review reply which is pretty cool. I'm only telling you just in case you arent aware of it till AGES later like me. See I have a (crap) story on fanfic and it took me AGES to realise review reply existed lol =]

Please update soon...
10/25/2006 c20 unconnected14
Great chapter. Post more soon.
10/24/2006 c20 13Tenshistar
I think i'm getting that you like apple crumble? JK. Anything you want..as long as you keep on updating. Apple crumble coming your way. I can't wait to see the next chapter. The end of this was really funny. I enjoyed reading this more then doing my econ. homework, so thanks!
10/24/2006 c20 2Heartless Writer

That so answers my question.

Very cute chapter.

I had to think to myself what those generators were. Then it hit me. =]

Wow, I can't believe they graduate. That shound make some interesting changes.

Can't wait to read more. =]
10/24/2006 c20 6naningxoxo
i love this chapter! even if you don't update soon i still remember what had last happened! why did you leave us off? i hate you for that yet i love you for writing this story! and fanfcition and fictionpress have the same format! but i bet you already know that!
10/24/2006 c20 2EnchantedKorean
omg! what is giselle doing there? aww...ryan & lee are happy! yay! i was scared 4 a sec, thinking it was one of the chief Guard officers for some reason...wonder what turmoil giselle will bring forth...update soon!
10/24/2006 c20 Alenor
heya, this was a great chappie. i can't wait for more to see what happens. and just in case your wondering, they use C2s on and they're basically just something which someone creates as a compilation of stories they think are good from a particular fandom, so i would assume they'd be somewhat the same here...then again, i could be wrong. cya later ~ Alenor.
10/23/2006 c20 Aceraptor
excellent update! and OMG! THEY FINALLY KISSED! and the other students know about it! They DO believe that Lee is a distant family member right? lol all hells about to break loose ;)
10/23/2006 c20 1Shake Hips Not Fists
Hehe, I really enjoy this story because the story plot all makes sense and it's funny at the same time. It isn't some, regular teenage girl meets prince who runs away to seek himself and they live happily ever after crap. I also like the way he says, heck, I'm always gonna be a Prince so why not take advantage of it instead of, I'm hot, she's hot, let's have sex, you know? Haha, well anyways, I am officially a new reviewer, whoop whoop! Oh, is it okay if I picture her Asian, not cause I'm a racist or anyhting (no way, I have all American friends almost), but it's easier for me to picture the people.

Hope you update soon!

Keep up the great work!
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