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10/9/2006 c19 1chic rebel
wow! thwy kissed again! i feel feelings arousing. :D, update soon i love this story so much.
10/9/2006 c19 SkepticCritic
And of course you just had to add in that little FAKE-girlfriend didn't you? He had to say she made a good 'fake'-girlfriend...Even though I guess it is the truth...I'm not really sure what I'm going on about anymore...

Is she allowed to like him? I know you said the other people could like each other and date and all but what about these two? Is there anything in their contract that says something like they can't fall in love or any of that?
10/9/2006 c19 gonnabefamous
Oh liking it more and more each time I read aother chapter. Anyway...keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more. Lol funny how they seem to like thw whole kissing in private more and more...
10/9/2006 c19 7lilxseeker
fake-girlfriend...hehe cant wait for it to be real! update soon please!
10/9/2006 c19 12Life Love Sanity
aw. lovely =]

so cute.

and i would love to say more but i'm off to chemistry homework

your a lovely writer write more soon!
10/9/2006 c19 3R. A. Faith
Aaw! They're so sweet together! Wow, you put Lee, Ryan, and a bitch in the same room, look what comes out. Funny. Thanks for updating!
10/9/2006 c19 the-galaxy
Aw.. I love how cute they are together. They just give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. ^_^

I can't wait for the next update. Oh and good luck with Term 4 and everything. School's tough.

P.S. Its fun being a beta. ^_^
10/9/2006 c2 12OnceADreamer
I love the story! It's so funny. Great work!
10/9/2006 c19 19Hydie
aww... though, I would have liked to see Lee kick some butt..
10/9/2006 c19 2EnchantedKorean
so, they're kinda having feelings for each other now? yay! any upcoming obstacles they have to face? i think it would kinda be dull if they just ended up 'happily ever after' after just facing ryan's ex: giselle...update soon!
10/9/2006 c19 Aragorn is mine
HeyGREAT CHAPTER =] SO cute... I'm actually warming up to Ryan right now. Before I wasn't too sure but he seems so... cute! man i need to improve my vocab.Oh I feel so sorry for you man. We don't start term 4 till next week but unfortunately that's the SAME freakin time MY exams start so that totally sucks. I mean my school is just so considerate -note the sarcasm- they decided that they'd give us the holidays to study. I mean dude the holidays are called The Holidays for a reason! SOrry random bottled up frustration and panic. See I havn't actually started studying yet which is not cool cause these yearlies actually go toward something and have ENTIRE freakin syllabases to study. Sorry for the language. ANyways update soon! I know how hard it is and all but hey... good luck with chem and physics. Man as if you need to apologies for delaying my studying. If it weren't you it would be something else. I am a MAJOR procrastinator. Hey you watching Idol? Sorry randomness but just wondering. It was JUST on and i watched it purely for procrastintion and Dean's hotness. Man all you can do it drool. He was soo GOOD last night! I guess maybe he would be a good description of Ryan?Anyways it's getting late and I should study -glares at randoms-Well update as soon as you can, seeing as how we're getting to the REALLy interesting part of the story =]
10/9/2006 c19 6naningxoxo
ohh what's happenin here? love is springing! tra la la la la... Oh how come i can't have my own prince? hmmph! i want one but who doesn't? Life's unfair and it will always will be! OH well keep updating cuz i luv ya stories! and good luck with studying!
10/9/2006 c18 2NomadicWriter
w00t lol i love it! its so good being the holidays i can catch up on my reading i couldnt believe that i had three chapters i hadnt read of this! but so glad cause theres even more to read hehe! love it! and yay holidays! isnt't it great!-Kate xoxo
10/1/2006 c18 SkepticCritic
I love when people get together...I really oughta change my pen name to something like "Hopeless Romantic for Life" or something of the sort...It'd probably fit me better...Well Okay, I can get really mean if i want to...But I like romances a bit too much sometimes to get critical...

And I loved the kiss...And how protective he was...It was very cute...Very cute...
9/27/2006 c18 3Allison Smith

I have to say. I love Ryan.

Actually, He and his friends sort of remind me of Logan, from Gilmore Girls, and his friends.

I think it's just a preference for good looking, slightly arrogant men who are very kind hearted on the inside.

Lee has a lot of spunk. I like her.

But I would love to see two more things from you:

more description, to start.

AND... more inner monologues out of the characters. You can't really get a feel for any single character until inner monologues come into play.

other than that, great story, keep going. this is me prodding you with the stick of authorial intent. Which roughly translates to... write!
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