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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

9/21/2006 c18 unconnected14
Kisses don't lie.They make a great couple. That was an amazing chapter. Post more soon.
9/21/2006 c18 6tangledwords86
Liked the new chapters. Yay for previews, they make the wait easier, yet harder, lol. Keep up the good work
9/21/2006 c18 the-galaxy
Hey, this was a great chapter. They kissed! YAY! *Does a girly squeal* Ahh.. romance. You just can't get enough of it.

This was very well written and yes I would like to be your second beta. It would be cool. ^_^

I can't wait until chapter 18. That preview was awesome.

More Ryan and Lee please. :)
9/21/2006 c18 penny
This is a great story!
9/21/2006 c18 gonnabefamous
Lol I love you! Yay for updating. About that six months thing...I do it too! Lol hope you update soon.

9/21/2006 c18 Alenor
heya, great chappie. lol, i love it! cya later ~ Alenor.
9/21/2006 c18 love sucks
"and Lee’s confusion at this turned to disbelief when it dawned on her."... yeah, i didn't get that part.. can u jsut explain please?

other than that, i loved it! so cute with the kisses and stuf
9/21/2006 c18 Aragorn is mine
HeyGreat Chapter =] Hilarious stuff what with Lee and Ryan kissing and the photography thing was mean but i guess it happens. Well anyways the hopefully you can have the next chapter out soon? I mean the holidays ARE coming in 2 weeks (if it's the same as in Sydney for you). Yeah I actually have a maths test that I'm not studying for due to this and other procrastinating rituals... =/ It sucks. Well anyways Hope you UPDATE soon and great work with your chapter. I shall not try my luck and try again to make you update soon as i think maybe it may be pushing it just slightly. Well cya
9/20/2006 c17 SkepticCritic
Oh...You're evil...Hanging that little preview in front of our noses...EVIL I SAY! BUt it was really cute...The actual chapter I mean...Especially there at the end...I can't help but get all mushy over it...

Are we going to keep getting these tantalizing previews every time or did you just feel like teasing us?
9/20/2006 c16 SkepticCritic
Excitingness...I love how excited he got...I do that sometimes..It's immensely amusing...

Are Ben and Catherine allowed to date, in or out of their roles?
9/20/2006 c17 love-sucks
i'm trying to remember where in Robin Hood there was such a kiss as what they're going to have... ha! they kissed, 'bout time too, u noe
9/19/2006 c17 5Dirty White Belt
dear you, i love you to bits and pieces. this story is so good you don't even know. keep up the wonderful writing!
9/18/2006 c17 7lilxseeker
o0o0o so was there a fight? hehe and a kiss! wowezers! you gotta update soon!
9/18/2006 c17 gonnabefamous
OMG I LOVE YOU! Lol thanks for updating. I can't wait for the next chapter!

9/17/2006 c17 13Tenshistar
Weird, b/c as i was reading this fic, i WAS supposed to be doing homework. Odd. And to get cookies, you have to tell me what kind you want first. Then i'll add another surprise to that..but you have to update again.
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