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9/8/2006 c4 1TomboyRomantic
your disclaimers and constant reminders that you made it all up are annoying. Nobody cares if you refer to ferraris, nobody is going to sue you.
9/8/2006 c16 13Tenshistar
I liked it. And believe, your health is more important then posting chapters for stories. I can't wait for your next one. Take care of yourself. Plus, if you do, i'll give cookies.
9/8/2006 c16 2Angel of Ink
Awesome chapter! It's a shame she has to leave, though. Why can't Ryan change his mind? I mean, he's sorry she's leaving, so why not ask her to stay? : ( it just stinks.

But yeah, really good story.
9/8/2006 c16 newbie
*sob*... i hate you... ok, not really, in fact i love your story! i spent the whole afternoon reading it instead of doing homework...hehe, ok bad, but it was a very good distraction...hope you get a chapter out sooner than later, now i really gotta start my HW
9/8/2006 c16 1Ladyofthecity

I just spent HOURS reading through this entire thing.

But it was well worthit :D.

I really really enjoy your story. And i can't wait to find out what happens next.

Good job! Keep at it!
9/8/2006 c1 abc
wow your writing style is amazing
9/8/2006 c16 12theyStoleMyPenName
i like them!=)) keep up!

btw, isn't Manilla paper spelled as Manila paper?
9/8/2006 c16 3funkyfiction
Well, i have to say that im proud- you updated! I dont think i need to tell you how great this story is, because you know that i love it! I enjoyed this chapter; we found out alot more about Lee and Ryan as people, and it wasnt jam-packed with events. In a way it was soothing. Anywho. I have a question; are we going to see more of Ben and Catherine's relationship? Or are you just going to focus on Ryan and Lee? Id like to find out more, but thats your choice. Catch you later, and waiting for the next chapter!

9/8/2006 c16 3R. A. Faith
She's alive! thanks so much for updating! Lee can't get fired! School started for me yesterday, and I feel like killing someone.
9/8/2006 c16 Aragorn is mine
YAY you updated! WHOOT! Erm... about the story- we-ell you simply can NOT have Lee go back to Australia- I mean it, it'll be too sad and then all this 'bad' stuff will happen eg flames so just DONT do it =[ Wel the rest of the chapter was pretty cool i mean all the entire blah blah Lee crying, Ryan feeling like shit, the 'sibling talk' which if my suspicions are correct would involve actually GETTING Ryan and Lee together as opposed to seperating them I mean why else would all of the siblings keep on asking 'no qualms' (or variations of it)? So yeah and the entire 'undertsanding thing' was pretty funny. One thing though, I didn't think Lee was THAT emotional, she just seemed so 'tough' but i guess anyone would be pissed and crying in self pity if they were losing a position they had worked ages to get and plus she IS a teenage girl so it's good that you included that (makes it more realsitic). Well I've blabbed about stuff that didn't make any sense whatsoever so have fun trying to decipher what i said. Man i like change topics in one freakin sentence... so stupid. You know(...) should be banned. I wonder how many i put in this review alone... hm... whatever. General message: You're a GREAT WRITER SO UPDATE SOON AS I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!
9/2/2006 c15 12Life Love Sanity
aw this is a really good story. yay for lee!

hmm i basically like it. its a pretty sweet story!

so i hope you update soon so i can read more! although it looks like you've taken your time since updating so hopefully that means its gonna to be a super long chapter coming up? hmm i hope! well please write more i LOVE the story and plot!
9/2/2006 c15 6naningxoxo
you know you should really update because i really like your stories! i think they're fantasticly written! please update as soon as possible!
7/24/2006 c15 Ye
can u please update soon? ive read this story so many times already. n i just want something to come after chapter 14. its been 2 months and i really wanna find out what happens with lee and ry.
7/10/2006 c15 3ithought
aww. reading your story made me feel that my life is SO DEAD. haha. why can't i have a prince in my school to hit on? wahahaha. that'll be fun. =x

i can't wait for what happens between Lee and Ryan! update quick kayz? (:
7/3/2006 c15 Aragorn is mine
Hey dude WOW! i LOVE this story! It's really... ORIGINAL! lmao! Anyways i think you probably get enough praise so just pretend i gave you heaps... i just wanted to point out that you had Sunrise on when it was morning in Montage wich doesnt work seeing as how sunrise starts at like 6 in Oz and if played live would start at about what 4 or something at night for Montage. And yes in case you're wondering i AM from Australia though from Sydney... It's nice to see a story sort of set in Australia rather than another one in America or even the UK or canada. Another thing i wanted to say was like in the beginning of the story Lee gets pissed off because someone was like asking if her brother and sister were twins and then Lee's like well duh they were born on the same day... well it sort of can be wrong. See i was born on the same day that my lil bro was born but we arent twins. see i was born EXACTLY five years earlier than my brother. Actually now that i think about it your wording isnt wrong seeing as how you said they were born on the same DAY and not like date or whatever. ignore me i'm just confusing myself... Well good luck with your SACs! lol PS just out of curiousity and dont think me too stupid for asking this seeing as how Mel and Kochie ALWAYS mention it but you guys do have Mel and Kochie on your sunrise right? The reason why i'm asking is that when i went to Woollongong on the holidays they had like different people doing the news and stuff that were on the same channel and i found that really weird seeing as how woolongong is like only 2-3 hours away from Sydney...anyways it's like 12:10pm and i think i should go. WOW this IS a very long review... i didnt know i could babble for this long! lolYeah well enjoy the holz and UPDATE SOON!
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