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8/20/2010 c2 smiles
warning for slash lovers, Elliot's a girl. that's all, folks, n'joy.
7/29/2010 c32 1Candescence
Aw, damn. I thought this story was finished when I read it. And it just happened to start on a huge cliffy. I liked his decision though. It was unrealistic that she would just give everything up for him and love. So, they made the right choice. And this could be suitable for and ending, but I want a little more. So, hurry and write please!
7/26/2010 c32 IceCaramel
omg that so sad

hope they get back together sniff sniff

btu then if u were looking for like a tragic ending thingy, that last chapter would be like ... fitting

great job =)
6/23/2010 c32 1NightBlossom
*cries* Is it...1 more chapter after this?
4/12/2010 c32 chewy-chocolate-cookie
it's so cool how he's a prince. i want them to be together forever! i really hope you update son!
4/9/2010 c32 a.Bee
oh hello! i was amazed and well hooked up by the story.. wow!

please update soon so I could finish reading it...it was amazing..

i want to finish it and use it.. u know as an inspiration ahha...

thanks :]
1/2/2010 c10 2bubublacz
Oh my g! Finally, I get to review (my internet sux). Anyway, I really love what you have going on here. I love Lee!
1/2/2010 c32 1VampireAcademyDB
Please Update this story soon! Well the epilogue I guess :( I wish it was a happy ending... so pleasse update soon! This is torture! T.T
12/21/2009 c32 1Dragonweave

i'm actually trying very unsuccessfully not to cry.

absolutely astounding, cannot wait for more chapters.

10/11/2009 c32 Alenor
aww, no, they have to end up together, please tell me that is not the end of ryan and lee! great few chappies though, i can't wait for more! cya soon hopefully ~ Alenor
7/18/2009 c30 SurroundedANDalone
Just got all caught up with this again and still loving it...you still find ways to rock my socks...


(NEW PEN NAME...it was bound to happen sooner or later ;))
7/12/2009 c32 Aereall
This last chapter was great. I liked the way you showed all the emotions. I hope they will end up together in the end. Keep up the awesome writing!
6/18/2009 c32 Sophia Nicole
Oh. The sadness in this chapter just brings me to tears. and the fact that he just walked away? gah... i really hope that is not the last of ryan. I don't think i could cope...well i probably could but that is beside the point... patiently waiting for an update... love soph
5/17/2009 c16 5The Happy Carrot

I've been forced to review a different chapter.. because i've already REVIEWED the last one..

you realize when someone says "soon" it means.. SOON.. not.. 5 months later?

Just in case you didn't, i'll forgive you.. as long as your writing the next chapter...

you are writing it.. aren't you?


that's what i like to hear..

Now.. update... SON

and we won't have a problem!



5/15/2009 c32 city-gal7
OMG! PLEASE update! that was so heart-breaking.
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