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5/20/2006 c15 1inconspicuous
Oh. So that's who Andy Lee is. Hehe, had no idea. ^^;; ZOMFG.. is basically, OMG with 'Z' on the beginning, apparently to add effect to the statement, and F is... you've probabaly guessed it. XD *patpat*

Awesome update! ^_^ Love the fact that Ryan and Lee are interacting a little bit more. Haha, I don't think they're acting though, it's like, if they didn't have their professionalism within them, they'd be going each other's gut at this exact moment right now.

Also noticed that they actually like dissing each other, which is quite fun to read. Hehe XD. Loved Hattie's reaction when she heard Ryan over the phone. Priceless!

And Sophia never fails to be adorable
5/20/2006 c15 7Shadow Claimer
So, i did something not too brilliant. I went and read all fourteen chapters as well as the prologue in one go from the wee hours of the night to about 4:30am.

First thought:what, no more...? :(Second thought:shit!how am i going to sleep now.The latter took a while because i really want to know what's going to happen next.Just a note though: maybe you could try to reread the stuff you write before uploading because some of the sentences have a thought in them but they're sometimes incoherent like you wanted to say something and said it in several ways in one sentence.Adore you nonetheless.
5/19/2006 c10 6tangledwords86
Very interesting, you've got me hooked, and i love the Harry Potter references
5/19/2006 c15 2EnchantedKorean
interesting chappy! you FINALLY updated! yay, i'm so happy! update again soon!
5/19/2006 c15 5Dirty White Belt
Ohh I like your little comment at the end of this chapter for me.It made me smile.So...You are like Norma Jean of writers.Simply splendid.Keep up the awesome work.
5/19/2006 c15 4devil's-fav-angel
they are acting to a certain degree. what's wrong with kew
5/19/2006 c15 DinaY
i like ur story, but i have a question,earlier in this chapter lee was telling them bout her sister, but she never mentioned her name, so how come juliana knew rachel's name?

5/19/2006 c15 Cooties
Aw, no Ben and Lee? I'm sad! Boo hoo... I still love this story, though. Ryan is so nosey, hehe, he's always coming into Lee's room to go through her stuff and investigate... maybe he likes her. Hehe. I really like your story so far, it's so adorable! Update soon!
5/19/2006 c15 HJ
hey, really enjoying your story. =]

just a small point i would like to bring up however...during the conversation between Lee and Juliana, they are discussing Lee's sister's crash diet. When Jules repeated her question, she asked "Is Rachel still with this guy?" yet previously, Lee never mentioned that her sister's name was Rachel...i dunno if this was intentional or was an error. Just thought I'd point it out, just in case.

Anyhow, keep up the good work...great chapter~!
5/19/2006 c15 6Ginne
I really like how the story is going, I can't wait for the next one, I become more and more impressed each chapter!

Good luck for the next two weeks!

5/19/2006 c2 gillyan
as far as Briggy G (excellant name) liking rap music... you should probably be a wee bit hipper with the kewl lingo, dude. It's not Fifty Cent, it's 50 Cent.

The end.
5/19/2006 c1 aznbeez
plz answer...no offence but why is a girl's name elliot?
5/19/2006 c15 2NomadicWriter
lol haha yeah i got heaps of great pressies woo i got cowboy boots and the date went well! i was super freaked out though lol haha - well i loved this chapter and glad that its finally came along! and cant wait for more! hehe hattie and the prince talked lol fun! love the tension between lee and ryan.. loving it lol! cant wait for more! more! more! well i'll be looking out for you to come on the net and looking out for your next chapter! au revoir-Kate xoxo
5/19/2006 c15 jero
Definitely a filler chapter. But at least you updated. Acads are definitely a pain and I completely understand your situation. Good luck on that. Update soon!
5/19/2006 c15 2Heartless Writer
Ah! Yes. Another chaper. And I can totally relate with all the work. I havent' been able to write since this semester I've been bogged down so much! I hope your exams go well.I think Ryan's friends are all right. Not as cool as Lee's friends. ;] I can say that I really liked the argument though. I like to see how they behave after it. The feeling Ryan felt that he could pinpoint? Oh, do tell. Oh and cell phones do get annoying when they ring over and over again!Excellent update. I'm looking forward to the next. =]
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