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4/17/2006 c14 144chaos called creation
gah, i love the pictures! almost makes me wish those celebrities were together in real life :)
4/17/2006 c14 tashd
hey, im glad u added another chap... i was gettin bored waitin... neway, great chap n i cant wait 4 more! hopefully u'll get it out soon but i no wat u mean bout da hw... da teachers have no mercy... :)
4/17/2006 c14 13Tenshistar
I dedicate my time to anything i think worthy, thus your story is on the list (along with other things, but we'll pretend they're not there.) And again, your welcome for the name. I love looking up names and putting special names with certain meanings into my stories. Its one of my quirks. I'm glad you've updated again and i can't wait to read more.
4/16/2006 c14 2EnchantedKorean
heyy this is really good! i liked how you expanded it and developed it! it's so much easier to understand when authors do that! i love the plot! this is so witty! I CAN'T WAIT TILL U UPDATE!
4/16/2006 c14 2NomadicWriter
I feel your pain... year 11 is hard..so very hard! thank god its the holidays! HAPPY EASTER for yesterday!hope you got loads of chockie - i did :| christmas was good! it was my birthday last week that was good too! woo! i got money and i went to the easter show good friday it was packed! I LOVE THIS CHAPTER - just thought i would mention that because this is a review isnt it! so whats new in your life? the major new thing is for me my first real date date is tomorrow kinda freaking out rather funny eye! lol well i love lee and ryan and cant wait for more - im learning french this year pretty hard!A bientot! there ya go lol ciao!-Kate xoxo
4/16/2006 c14 Eina
Eh?Hehe, my email name was totally random, and thank you for clearing up the manila-manilla thing... XDD

AND YAY! YOU UPDATED! ZOMFG! XD... Really, really nice update, and I've skimmed through your website, and the artists you posted for the characters really do have a great comparissons with each other. ^_^

Oh, and I (together with your other stalkers) shall be awaitng for your update... take care :D
4/16/2006 c14 4devil's-fav-angel
awsome that you updated! great acting skills for them both
4/16/2006 c14 SkepticCritic
Ahh...You mean you're not going to answer ALL of my questions? Darn...I was so looking forward to it too...Not that I actually remember half of the stuff I asked now...

And I know I was an offensive child...I am currently an offensive teen...I have no tact...At all...And I'm rather blunt...And forward...Which might be why I don't have a boyfriend...But that's just a shot in the dark now innit?

I got better from the stomach flu fairly quickly...Now I've got laringitis...My extended family found it quite funny yesterday at our Easter Dinner as they started making up what I was trying to word to them...Oh yes they found it immensly amusing...Sticking words in my mouth all day...Shoulda seen my cousin's when they asked if I had a boyfriend...I signed (kinda) not really and they latched on and decided I was being shy and modest and that he really was my boyfriend...So they start asking questions, then telling me he's too old (two years older...Not much of an age difference if you ask me), and then proceed to yell into the kitchen to my dad that I have a boyfriend...What's my dad do? Yells out the window "But he's rich, so it's ok"...Lovely isn't it? They just wouldn't let it go after that...The sad thing is, my dad knew exactly who they were referring to...My parents are kinda scary like that...It's a bit unnerving sometimes...

And I'm usually up late...Insomnia has that affect...I usually do most of my reading in the wee hours of the morning...I was up until five am yesterday...Just reading...My friends can always tell when I've just gone to the library because the bags and circles under my eyes are worse than usual...Of course sleeping with mascara on don't help matters...I just forgot to take it off though...I have a tendency to do that...My attention span and memory seem to be getting shorter every day...Don't know why...Who knows...

You know, I don't think I've said a single thing about how much I liked this chapter yet...Oh look! I just did...Hahaha...sorry...I find myself very funny but oft times I'm the only one...

And I know what you mean about rereading and whatnot...I read a story I started last year the other day...It's horrid...There's almost no description...There's pronoun confusion (as in you can't tell who the pronoun's are)...The verbs are weak and the nouns are completly uncreative...It sounds like it was written my a fifth grader not an eighth grader...Granted, I was actually a fairly good writer in fifth grade but this was as bad as a normal fifth grader's writing...it was that bad...so now I'm compltly revamping it...I went back and read the stories I've posted too...Those are almost as bad...Completing ignoring the fact that my chapters are ridiculously short and the span between updates gets longer and longer...

Okay now before I pour the rest of my troubles out to you ;) (humour me), I shall be going...

Okay no need to cheer...I get it...I know when I'm unwanted...

This is the part where you say "No we love you come back!"...Any minute now...

...Still waiting...
4/16/2006 c14 dee
i like it. A lot! it's different from the usual cliche type of story. but i have a question. in the last chapter when nicholas ask lee out was it part of the plan thing or did he do it voluntarily? update soon cause i love it!
4/16/2006 c14 7CallMeCute
aw good story
4/16/2006 c14 raelia
o! fun! this was good- i can't really tell if every action between ryan and lee was planned or if they added. i can't wait for the dance. do you have an idea for how long this story will be? just curious. k great job- this is super entertaining!
4/11/2006 c9 lala
it's just so slow...
4/11/2006 c6 marry
damn your writing is boring...

i skimmed through these too-long six chapters and nothing really happens
3/27/2006 c13 14Grape
This is a fabulous story! I totally love it! I cannot wait until the next chapter is posted, amazing job!
3/25/2006 c13 SkepticCritic
We have at least one more hp book for Hermione and Ron to get together, don't we? It could still happen...And for her success and the sanity of her fans, it had better happen...

Anyway, I suppose now I'll have to settle in for the wait with everyone else...Gawd...It's almost 2:50 in the morning...You're story was that addicting...I honestly couldn't stop reading...
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