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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

3/25/2006 c12 SkepticCritic
Yipee for one more chapter...Let's see if I make it through before I fall asleep..
3/25/2006 c11 SkepticCritic
Buahahahahahaha...*laughs sardonically at the irony of life* don't ask...It's past two in the morning, I've got the stomach flu, and I'm so addicted that I can't stop reading...
3/25/2006 c10 SkepticCritic
Finally they meet...And lucky me, I have three whole chapters before i have to wait like everyone else...
3/25/2006 c9 SkepticCritic
I don't think I could possibly choose who with who yet...all of our characters haven't met yet...Have to wait until then to say anything...At least until then...Maybe longer...
3/25/2006 c8 SkepticCritic
I knew a kid like Michaels...Actually, scarily enough, his name was really michael...Rather annoying kid though...Had to deal with him for two years of school...On the brightside, class was never dull...He always made sure of that...
3/25/2006 c7 SkepticCritic
ahh...The vision of little Ryan was so cute and so endearing..I just can't help myself...Even if he's turned into a player...
3/25/2006 c6 SkepticCritic
See? This is one of those times when it's good that I still have some chapters to go..I'll just keep this short and move on to the next chapter...
3/25/2006 c5 SkepticCritic
sign language is such an elegant language...One that I'm absolutly atrocious at but am still trying to learn none the less...Unfortunatly, I have ridiculously small hands (for my size and age) and my fingers are rather short...And indelicate to say the least...I'm good with them but they don't look nearly so good as other people's when I sign...
3/24/2006 c4 SkepticCritic
Don't you love kids? They so don't care how they're supposed to act or what they're supposed to do...They just do what feels right and normal...
3/24/2006 c3 SkepticCritic
I can't even say the anagram once...Okay so maybe my mouth isn't my best tool...I'm better with my hands...Writing or art or sculpture...
3/24/2006 c2 SkepticCritic
That's one of the great things about reading a story that is already pretty into the story...You still have more chapters to go...But then you get to the end, when you have to wait like everyone else and it's almost twice as frustrating since you're so used to just going to the next chapter...Anyway, on I go..
3/24/2006 c1 SkepticCritic
I think the only good thing about having the stomach flu, is the fact that I finally have a chance to read this story...It's been under my "to read" list for at least an update...Now I finally have a chance to read it...Glad I did too...I think this is one of the best backstories I've ever read...Honestly...Usually they dance around the subject and you only find out bits and pieces...I like this way much better...
3/15/2006 c13 eina
Uhm... hey! Hi, we've met through Jess, and all that... teehee XD *gives you muffins*

*breathes in*

What a wonderful story, really, I think our Indian landlord upstairs is prolly thinking that the teenage occupant downstairs is a hysterical loon for laughing and cursing at the same time. Er right, to make this less dorky, I really enjoyed your story and am hoping for more..

P.S. isn't Manilla supposed to be spelled as Manila... O_o (haha, sorry, I have this thing with words ^^;;)?

Shall wait for the next serving/update :D
2/7/2006 c13 17Nocturnal silhouette
Oh you need to update soon. This was quite a splendid surprise to stumble upon. Very well done!
2/5/2006 c13 Bee
i just read all of itit's amazinghope u update soon!
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