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1/10/2006 c13 2NomadicWriter
Wel im back! you miss me? imagine to my surprise when i come back and realise that their are two fantastic amazing chapters in one go it was like christmas all over again lol! I loved it! and you stopped just when i wanted to read more more more lol! well i hope that you update soon because im at the edge of my seat here! Happy new year and merry christmas by the way! year 11 eek its almost time for me too isnt it a scary thought lol! im actually a bit excited!update soon! -Kate xoxo
1/9/2006 c13 8Militarylver4eva
Hello, well I'm BACK! But unfortunately, I am not going to write a novel for a review today. HEHE! Today's review is going to be a bit shorter then all of my previous reviews. And its not because I lack enough words to voice my eternal praise at your literary talents. LOL! I just had to tell you how much I love this chapter. I especially love the fact that you had Lee running down the hallway right into Ryan with only a TOWEL on. LOL! When I read that I was like, Now that's one way to get a guys attention,run down a hallway and bump into him wearing nothing but a towel. And if that wasn't enough of a shocker, you have gone and made my girl Elliott blonde. If Ryan doesnt drop to one knee and ask her to marry him soon then he is a total dope. He has what all guys fantasize about, a tall blonde hot chick who can defend herself with a gun or rather any weapon you put in her hand. Can we call her the next GI Jane or the next Joan of Arc? Heck, maybe she is both. lol! Anyway, I told you this was going to be short and i am sticking to it. So keep up the good work and I look forward to your next chapter. Oh and bring on the HATTIE. lol!

1/9/2006 c13 2pixie-girl-1231
great story! i can't wait for the next chapter update soon.
1/8/2006 c13 6Pandemonium Express
YAYY, new update, but NO, you can't leave it there! T_T I'm glad it's at least a little cliche (though I guess that might be a stab in the heart to you as an author, but still! Cliche really isn't always bad). If it wasn't cliche at all, then it really couldn't have a happy ending at all, and then I'd be so sad and...unhappy. v_v I don't like sad endings. But the plotline's so bizarre that it really doesn't matter, and your writing is amazing, so I constantly find myself laughing, and I don't really have time to guess what's going to happen next while I'm reading!

Um...wow, I tend to blabber a lot, don't I? ^^; ugh. But that's just because I'm happy and love your story! heehee. I'm curious to know how Lee turned out...blond? make-up?
1/7/2006 c13 7lilxseeker
ohh yaya! you updated! hehe dum dum dum...presenting elliot...and blah de blah! i wanna see their reactions! hehe anyways update soon and i really did hope harry and hermione shoulda been together...goshness! stupid ron! jk i love him too and by the way happy new years!
1/7/2006 c13 Anonymous
1/6/2006 c13 2Heartless Writer
Ah finally, with a few stops to make, I've finished to where you've stopped. Excellent I must say.

I like every single bit of how this story is going and I can't wait to see what happens next. I told myself to read this story a long time ago after reading Rebound, but I never got around to it. Now I kick myself for not reading it. Please do continue. Oh and is it too much to ask to put in some stuff on Harriet them back home? That would be awesome!

Please do continue. I can't wait to see what happens next!

1/6/2006 c13 day
idk what this has to do with boots... but this is good. can't wait for the next update.
1/6/2006 c6 Heartless Writer
Now the reader in me wants to keep going and going until I've reached the last written chapter. But here I am.

I must say there's some pretty funny stuff in here. I like the chage of heart-throb Prince Ryan. But I must say I love how your girls are training and kicking butt doing so. I love the siblings. Adorable. Altough I did get a bit confused with the talking during the video of those in the rec room.

And continue I will. =)
1/6/2006 c13 5Dirty White Belt
Oh I LOVE you!This story is awsome!Everyone should read it!YAY!
1/6/2006 c13 Peach8321

I've read this all the way through and have a couple comments.First, I like the plot and the characters. They are interesting and have depth. However, I do not particually like the way you jump back and forth in time. It gets confusing. Additionally, putting the place for every scene change is unnecessary if you just describe it in your story.Finally, I'm a little confused with the elder children. You mentioned that only the 25 year olds are twins early on but then later also refer to Cathrine and Matthew as twins...you might want to check that.I hope you continue this story and best of luck to you on your writing.
1/6/2006 c13 4devil's-fav-angel
ooh describe lee in more detail after the makeover
1/6/2006 c13 20sloppy firsts
oh man what a cliffhanger. you practically had me at the edge of my seat! i love the new characters you introduced. Celeste and Martina were greatly amusing and thanks for the quick update! so excited for the romance that's going to take place and that lingering hope that politics might play a part in this *cackles* early congratulations for getting your 100 reviews! :)

s2 chaos
1/6/2006 c13 13Tenshistar
Makeovers make the world shudder...with horror/glee. Poor Lee. Heh, umm, yeah, i am kinda dedicated...SORRY ABOUT THAT! Well, if you didn't mind, i won't worry about it. Awesome chapter. I think its fantastic. Please update again soon.
1/6/2006 c3 dayna
mitochondria are in animals too...
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