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10/30/2005 c10 2NomadicWriter
HEY! stop worrying im here to review i have taken time off my 'studying' for my stupid school certificate which is next week -scary- so i can read your lovely chapter and recview so here i go..! This chapter was amazing the bike helmet thing when she whips her hair out lol - hilarious and ingenious! ryans reaction was classic aswell and im glad that they have finally met! - on your harriet problem... i think that she should eventually meet the royal family but probably at the end cause i think that you need her to be jealous throughout your story for a funny little thing and if at the end lee and ryan end up together i think that harriet should pop over and be shell shocked by meeting everyone in the royal family and maybe she would take interest in one of the other royal men! like jasper for example lol! i think that you should just leave her for last because i dont that she should come and guard one of the family because as she said that shes too carefree at the moment! hehe i cant wait to find out what happens next! so excited lol i laughed when it said romantic protege! and motherly fatherly haha funny i wonder how poor lee will take it! AND I WANT A HOFF T-SHIRT ASWELL! lol! well i think that i have everything i intended to tell you in here! so yeah if i realise ive missed anything..! you'll know lol haha ciao! -Kate xoxo P.S scottyy...dosnt know!
10/30/2005 c10 10Hell's first Icicle
just bcoz hez a nice guy, izall. and it wud hav saved me a lot of tears. l0lz. oh wells. yeah im a little spaz. i loved her 'entrance' btw! :D:D:D
10/30/2005 c10 7lilxseeker
YOU...YOU...*stutters*...YOU KILLED JAKE!...how could you be soo CRUEL? haha sheesh woman...couldnt he be like paralyzed or something? haha LEE N RYAN n them FIANLLY met*exaggerates on the finally* lol lee's a girl? that part kinda cracked me up...okay anyways UPDATE SOON!
10/30/2005 c10 1ladyjayliz
Can't wait to
10/30/2005 c10 13Tenshistar
Thanks! its a nickname that ALL my friends call me. means 'angel' in japanese. i laughed so hard at the end of the chapter when i read what subsection 4B meant. This is going to be interesting to read next time. please update soon, i can't wait to read whats next.
10/30/2005 c10 5Dirty White Belt
Your welcome for the response, expect one for every new chapter!^_^I am very hyperactive and friendly, I like to have fun.Anyways, I LOVED Lee's entrance, definately has alot of pizzazz.I can't wait 'til your next chapter!Please update ASAP!You keep writing i'll keep reading and reviewing!Later!
10/30/2005 c10 anon
10/30/2005 c10 8Militarylver4eva
Omg! Thanks for the shout out. lol. Gosh... this story is getting better and better. I for one love the airport scene because it actually happened to someone i know. But they didnt chase the cab down because it didnt get to far away before they caught up with it. But i do love how u got Elliot and Ryan to met, and his surprise at finding out that she was a girl was priceless. LOL! Too bad about Jake. But i guess ur right, it does work better with him dead. Now as for Hattie, i think she should be sent to Montage to protect Matthew. But that would then require someone else to get injured or die. But i do like the end of this chapter though, because Lee doesnt even know that she is suppose to be Ryan's love interest. Does Ryan even know? Questions are like rolling around in my head right now. Anyway, looking forward to reading more from u. Cheers.
10/30/2005 c10 4devil's-fav-angel
personally i want jake to stay cuz i love that name. is ryan going to end up with lee? don't throw in too many twists
10/28/2005 c9 5Dirty White Belt
OH MY BOB!I LOVE this story!Your writing style is perfect!And this story is SWEET!Great plot so far, I didn't think you would go through guards to get to the main part.I thought you would do like most do and just put Lee with Ryan.Anyways, good job!Please update ASAP!THANKS!
10/28/2005 c9 8Fluff Inc
Hello :D

I was quite surprised by the 3 updates. Go you! As for the pairings I'd still love Lee with Ryan. As for Jazzy... erm... I guess Harriet would be nice, but I'm leaning more towards Jennifer Harris. I think I prefer Hattie with Avery^_^

Avery's adorable.

Update more!

More. :D
10/26/2005 c9 7lilxseeker
hey...i really like this story! it's brilliant and well great...because of this story i keep calling my friends cadets! hehe update soon!
10/25/2005 c9 2NomadicWriter
YAY! okay so here i am to give you the review for your three chapters! i pick Lee the female protagonist - we always shall need one of those ^_^and the reason for that is (my reason seems more like an idea but bare with me hear!) I think that since now Ryan has been through two guards that Kew wont want a male because as the bad guy has noticed...too wrong! and he dosnt want to have a female stupid enough to fall for the prince's charms! so in comes our protagonist! Alright although Ryan is a sex-craved idiot i think that Lee would be good for his ego lol haha and he also will probably think of her as a challenge - i dont hate Ryan because he's an ass well i dont like him at this stage but i think that hes cute with sophia! and that hopefully his old self will show in time! i like Ben - obi - because hes a really nice guy but i dont think that lee and he would make a good couple no matter how hard they try! - if they try! - so i think that our good mate Obi would be safe to stay with the princess...if anything happens their that is! hm what else can i say! Im sad for jake although he had a little part in your story i think he played a big role and i'll miss him hehe! lol and i think that its important that he was killed off. and dont worry about the bad grammar to me it dosnt really matter aslong as i can read the story all is well! OKAY i have something else to say lol! i think although i would love for harriet to go to the palace and be a guard to the royals, i think that it would be a bad idea i dunno i just think for her its better for her to keep dreaming i guess lol! and because i dont want her to get hurt by Ryan! but then if she does get her heart broken it would give lee a more better motive to try and torture him! but i think that would be a bad move, also you need someone to be totally jealous of lee when and if she gets the chance to go save the royal pain in the ass! and do it soon PLEASE! because i want to see how Lee will put ryan and his royal ass in line! alright i think thats all i have to say if i remember anything else i shall talk to you next time i see you on msn lol!haha did you see the hoff man on rove - how funny was that? ciao for now matey!-Kate xoxo
10/25/2005 c9 14Jen calculates
Really like this story. And I still like Ryan..for some reason. I think I'm still stuck on the 'he's just lonely and insecure but when he meets Lee he will SEE THE LIGHT ::waves arms about like a preacher::' logic of things.

I also think it'd be cool if Ben ends up with someone. I quite like him too. And Jasper. Because you always need someone to fall in love with whenever you get shot..
10/25/2005 c7 2NomadicWriter
sad to say that im being made to go to bed so i cant read what will hopefully be your very delicious 3 chapters but i have saved them all on my computer and am taking my laptop to bed to read - haha sounds funny - nevermind i have a rather sad humour lol well i can't wait to read them and i so glad that you have updated like i was only expecting one chapter but i havent been on in a couple of days and i get THREE chapters lol! well i shall write you a review saying what i think tomorrow - cheeiro mate.!-KATE XOXO
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