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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

10/4/2005 c6 1Coffee Shopper
This one is so cute. prince's are adorable. i'm a little confused with all of lee's names though. and all the other cadets. could you give like a brief list in the next chapter? it would help so much.

9/24/2005 c6 erika
I just love Save Me, Oh Brave Protector. I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope it's soon. :)
9/9/2005 c1 Gnat10886
Hey hun, thank you so much for that review it totally made my very bad day a heck of a lot better. Glad you like it so much and I will try to find some college free time to update it. If you like the story style check out "COmmunity service" when you have time, it's similar and funnier still, or so I've been told. Ok so this is not a review, but I love you to pieces and can't beat JOCKS IN ROCKING SOCKS. specially if they are hot jocks. IM me.
9/5/2005 c1 10DashedHope
Whoah go Nikki i luv ur story...lol very nice description of everything. I like descriptive stories makes me imagine...lol r u like into this millitary stuffs?...this is like da first story i read about all this millitary stuff...Cept i watch Cadet Kelly LOl...buh ur sotry is interesting...neva eva thoughti would like a story or even read one ike this...BUT i really enjoyed reading it...thankyou u for keeping out of boredom in Science...(i'm not wagging or being lazy...we finished all our work lol)...Luv Shanz
9/5/2005 c6 Gnat10886
Ok, so I'm a jerk I totally read this right after you posted but with the chaos of heading out to college I totally forgot to review and I feel just terrible about it. Guess that just means I have to leave you a super long review now...BOOYA!

I thought it was cool how you forwarned people in your author's note, not that I completely mind reading the stuff you put in, it is life after all, but it was nice to have the head's up.

Lucky Giselle. -wink wink-

Sophia is just the cutest thing ever, she reminds me of my niece, I thought it was hilarous her little confused unknown sextual talk and how she's smarter than everyone thinks

Got to love the name Talluluh, reminds me of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING

Aww Lee is all twitterpated (yes bambi refrence) over Ben. I want a Ben, or a Ryan, gosh I just want a guy lol.

Ryans behavior at the parade, oh what a pig, don't get me wrong I love the guy, but some things just aren't necessary. But it's realistic, way to put it in.

You wrote the getting shot thing in a cool way/format/style. I like Jas so I didn't want to see him injured, but I know it's for the story's sake and I trust you 100 percent

If you get a chance check out my newest story (only 2 chs so far) I would love to hear what you think.

YOU ROCK MY SOCKS! -holds them up and they have little guitars and drums- Update as soon as you can the suspense is driving me crazy

9/1/2005 c6 4devil's-fav-angel
a bit confusing but i see what you mean after reading the a/n update soon
8/31/2005 c6 16Bananalogic
amber tamblyn has blue stripes in her hair in the sister hood movie (which i loved to death along with the books)sophia has to be my favorite character, she has some of the best lines due to her age. luv hannah banna
8/30/2005 c6 2NomadicWriter
Ah! i can't believe you stopped it their so unfair! i want to read more! also Wow big change for ryan - i like it cause he will probably be interested in lee, and she'll probably tell him to bugger off, at least for a little while! alright the only problem i have with that chapter is not knowing exactly where jasper was hit! please pretty please if you could update sooner it would be fantastic so i would be able to find out what happens next! i cant wait till the holidays - so excited! wo! please update soon can't wait to find out more also i dont like the sound of Ben (Obi) haha STAR WARS RULE! lol well ciao update soon!-Kate xoxo
8/30/2005 c6 13Tenshistar
OMG! That is such a cool ending! (not that he was shot, but ...nevermind) i love this story. I am definately putting you on author alert. update soon please!
8/30/2005 c6 6Pandemonium Express
24? Twenty-freaking-four! Geez, they're not kidding when they say he's hormone-jacked. Ai-yi-yi! lol and poor, innocent Sophia! Her mind shall be filthified! Evil, corrupting brother. Bother. .

Ah, and I just want one clarification-was the sniper aiming at Jasper or Ryan? I'm guessing it was Jasper, but I'm also not entirely sure.
8/30/2005 c5 Thatgirlmaya
hahaha is that a HARRY POTTER reference i see?

awesome job with the story so far.

please update soon!
8/29/2005 c5 Pandemonium Express
No! You can't just stop there! I'm hooked! xP Bother, evilness. I started your story this afternoon, and it's awesome! Can't wait to read more. ^_~
8/22/2005 c4 4devil's-fav-angel
update soon
8/15/2005 c5 Lady Dark
I like! This is really good, I like the stories w/ girls in armed guards/army/body guard/etc. Lee's siblings are really cute! Keep writing!
8/5/2005 c5 Disoriented Waste
I was just listening to that song! Hah.. but then again I JUST started reading this story ...

It kind of confuses me the fact that like with Lee's brother how he finishes his sisters sentences practically all the time if he's deaf... He can read lips right? but then she would have to be facing him all the time...

Anyhoo lol NO RYAN CVANNOT BE A PIMP lol gah

Heh I think Andrew has a small target :P
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